Need recomendations for a new mobile browser

Using android (galaxy s5) and looking to get a new browser because chrome isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I keep getting ads that totally lock down my phone and I’m worried about my information on said phone. So looking for a ad blocker browser with a good rep behind it. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

I have a S5 as well and stuck with Chrome because it feels the most refined. Sure you don’t have any other issues or a lot of extensions running? Anyway, there are a bunch of others you could try if you’d like. I’m constantly modding my phone and trying new ROMs and I’ve used CM, Opera, Dolphin, and of course Firefox. CM and Dolphin felt really snappy and fast, but nothing noticeably better than Chrome. Opera has a nice UI if that counts for anything while Firefox offers the usual advantages over Chrome if you care about that fancy stuff. Firefox is usually the slowest on both desktop and mobile in my experience, though. I can’t help much with ad blockers.

I don’t have any concern about Chrome.
I like Opera for watchong… eh, ah, eeeh… Nasty stuff

I’d say Firefox. But ever since I got my phone repaired Android refuses to instal adblock. Possibly due to a bug in the OS.

Not helpful toward your dilemma, but felt relevant.

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Thanks needed the laugh. XD

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I’ve been using the Free Adblock Browser from the play store (the one made by Rocketshield) and its been working great. It works and looks almost the same as Chrome with a slightly changed layout and the adblock stuff added in.

I am using opera