Need retweets for borderlands 3 info

On Twitter a little while ago, someone tweeted Randy pitchford asking how many retweets it would take to get some bl3 info. Randy replied saying that it would take a million. While we all know that this is near impossible, if we all contribute a retweet and tell anybody who would be willing to retweet it to retweet it, we could put in so many retweets that, if we were to show Randy again, he may feel compelled to give us a drop of info, which would be great for all fans.

The tweet’s creator is Tefty, or @teft

It doesn’t take long and the outcome would be amazing, so please help pitch in towards this

You won’t get any info until they’re ready to release it 1m tweets or not.


I know, but I want to keep the false hope in my head that it’ll happen

I’ve had that false hope for 4 years take it from me it doesn’t improve things.

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“We’ll always have Pandora”

Buy you a coffee?

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I don’t see how it’d help Gearbox to make bl3 better and faster.

I’m honestly trying not to think about BL3 at all. Makes the wait easier.


I’m not entirely sure I can get behind what amounts to a spam campaign. We’ll get to hear about things when there’s something to tell.

I am sure, however, that it’ll be worth the wait.

Tantamount to stalk ing