Need Siren 'Elven Eliminator' head so bad. Worth your time

Does anyone Have the ‘Elven Eliminator’ head for a Siren on Xbox One?
Can trade stuff.
Message me on Xbox Live with gamer tag: ALPoddy

Thanks guys.

If it is the head from TTOADK:
The shift codes to redeem them actually still works. Recently redeemed Wayfarer Wizard for Gaige.

The code for it is found on this page.

Thanks. I had to plug my 360 back in and launch BL2 , then redeem the code, then transfer a new character onto cloud, then download character back onto Xbox One.

Also, I assume there isn’t a way to delete this post now? Or close it?

You can simply Reply to your own thread requesting that one of the Forum Moderators close this thread, since you have gotten what you were looking for.

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that is exactly what I did. and I still have them in my backpack. :slightly_smiling: