Need some 61 gear help

Hi all,

I am new to BL2 by about a month and am getting stuck on UVHM. I have grinded a ton to over level to 60, but these level 50 weapons and shields just dont seem to cut it, and the greens i have gotten from early UVHM dont synergize well with the build I am having most fun with.

I am wondering if there are any vets who have upgraded beyond their level 59-61 gear that may want to toss it my way? I am hoping for anything useful for a Gaige build, but I would really like to try out a shock (or any element) Norfleet, a higher level Fibber(I have a level 5 now) and a higher level Healing weapon (any of the Moxxi’s but I love playing with my level 50 Hail). A higher level Sham would be awesome too.

So if any elites out there have outgrown their 60/61 stuff please sell it to me rather than the vendor.


In game name “Argdel”.

Nate, which time zone? / Zerkus

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Sorry, Eastern Standard Time. I’m usually on after 9pm.

Tx but sorry, equals … ouch … 3 a m here :acmomg:

Plenty of pro’s your own time on the forums thou, so ought work out anyways.

Wish the best of luck! :acmsmile:

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