Need some advice for getting levels in a match

So, I think I’ve played enough games with Deande now (something like 3/4 of all matches I ever played to be honest) to spot my biggest problem and that is: I fall behind in levels too much.

No matter if my team wins

or loses

Most of the time, I’m really struggling with getting my levels and sometimes I feel really useless for our team in that case. There are a few rare instances when I didn’t have so many problems and usually my scoreboards look at least a little more impressive in this case, like in e.g.,


As seen in my pictures: I love to build. If I see anything buyable and can afford it, then I will buy it (which sometimes even causes me to not get my complete item set in a match, but this is another issue). I try to get behind enemy lines to take out turrets or finish off hurt players (ok, I’m not that successful with the last item on the list, when my allies kill my target before my burst dash reaches them or when I just miss it - Aiming is another part I have to improve on). I don’t think I’m playing too passively, I’m quite often found at frontline and beyond.

Getting levels through minion waves is difficult and there are usually better options for that task on a team. Too much diving to feed on player kills mostly results in me dying and only feeding XP to the enemy, so I am a bit careful and only do such things if my team distracts the enemies sufficiently.

If anyone has any tips for staying on level with her consistently, I’d appreciate that and I’d be very happy.

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:


For an assassin it’s best to go for minions and only minions. Unless an enemy is way out of position and easily eliminated, they aren’t worth the risk unless you have an escape, in which case you can poke them and make them fall back. This lessens the enemy force and allows your team to hammer away at waves and any other enemies unfortunate enough to overextend.

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I don’t know about other assassin characters but I would disagree with this for Deande. Depending on what supports your team has, Deande’s drop kick is a fantastic escape. Post level 4, Deande’s player kill potential is to good to only slow enemy pushes. Holotwin to get behind squishy front liners or healers that aren’t too far back and then burst dash (or if working on aim and at level 5, slow meele hit and then burst dash).

To the OP though, I’m not sure why you’re struggling to get levels. In a couple of your games you had a fair amount of kills/assists/minion kills/buildables compared to your teammates. If I had to guess though;
First Pic: Toby is the only one higher level and it is obvious why.
Second Pic: I would blame minion kills but your buildables are pretty high, so idk.

It seems you know how to play Deande effectively. Just work on landing BD. As I mentioned earlier, try initiating with one slow hit (post level 5) to help work on landing your BD. Once you’re comfortable, work on landing critical hits with it. I throw fans to kill minions, that is the only difference I can tell in playstyle from the little information that can be provided through a forum post.
edit: sorry, wish I could help more.

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are all those matches full length? I think I may have an idea or two that can help but if those are partial matches it may be skewing my understanding of what is going on with your gameplay.

additionally, if those were full length matches, what was the level of competitiveness for each? Yes this stuff matters. trust ya boi Nemo.

also, excellent choice of skin. I always found Wet Work to have a very appealing colour scheme.

oh and I dont really do a whole lot of full length (Deande) gameplay (especially competitive), but I did a youtube stream a while back. you can watch the whole thing if you want, but I started it at the most interesting game of the bunch. maybe you can find something in that. or just listen to the friendly banter. it’s a fair match up, but it was still one of those matches I was lying down for so not really the pinnacle of Deande gameplay. but maybe it helps.


I used to have the same issue early game, especially when you have people absolutely annihilating the wave and you can barely get a hit in. Pinging everything seemed to help in this case.

When the big thrall and shards are about to spawn, be positioned there already if possible but communicate to your team what you are doing so they know you aren’t going to be helping at the front for a while.

Pre lvl 5 I am usually just doing the above but popping in to the front if it gets too hot and killing if there is an opportunity. Otherwise, when you hit lvl 5 this is when you should switch focus to assassinations and start being aggressive (as I’ve seen you can be) and start getting levels that way.

Trust me I know your frustration, especially when your team is making it difficult for you to level by nicking all the shards and thralls. With randomers it will happen a lot but with a team of friends it shouldn’t be an issue.

Hopefully we can play together again soon but yeah it’s not looking too good lately :confused:

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Kill more minions. Best way to level. Even if you aren’t a wave clear you need the XP from it, and anyway the wave clears faster when everyone is attacking it. If you can’t get close most characters have a way to tag the minions from further away.


Looking at your load-out, the fact that you want to build and the fact that it’s deande @Phoenix-2613 care to lend your experiences with your builders loadout that you messed around with?


Deande, I’d say, is one of the more difficult characters to level up in game. She’s one of those characters that, when fed, is a monster; yet if she falls behind everyone else on levels, she’ll struggle. In my opinion, it’s all about being able to maximise your time to ensure you’re always benefiting from what you’re doing.

To start with, EXP can be gained by:

  • Kills
  • Assists
  • Buildables
  • Minions
  • Thralls (Incursion only)

I know this is general knowledge, but I prioritise each of them differently depending on what kind of team I’m up against, and what game mode I’m playing.

Your main priority to start with, is to get Deande up to level 4 because of Calculated Risk, (judging by your gear, you pick this helix). It’s her first and most important power spike as it helps with her role as an assassin. This can be done by participating in a few early game kills, or if you’re not confident in diving for them early game, farming minions/thralls up until that point. Once you get to level 4 and have a few gear pieces active, Deande’s job should become a lot easier, which will aid in more exp gain.

The way I play Deande in Incursion, I don’t have much lane presence as I’m always on the move or harassing the enemy team; I’m either reliant on my team for kill set ups, or on the enemy being foolish enough to overextended or linger around with low health. If I see an opportunity, I’ll often jump in and then try to escape with her jump kick. Even if you don’t get the KO, participation is equally as important; as an assassin, you want to be involved in as many kills as possible. If you see your teammates in a kerfuffle, go help out. Getting cheeky spot assists on weak players that your teammates have locked down is also an easy way to get exp without actually touching the enemy. I’m pretty bad for doing this. :smirk:

Otherwise I’m either grabbing shards, as getting Deande’s gear up as quickly as possible is another important thing, and once it’s all active, you can start buying buildables; grabbing thralls, they give a decent amount of exp early game and I’m always keeping my eye on the timer for that 28 minute mark, Deande is also good for soloing Doubles if the lane is held down well; (or if we’re playing on Overgrowth), destroying the buildables in the enemy base because it’s easier to get away with than on the other maps. If none of these options are available, or I happen to return to lane whilst there’s a minion wave present, I’ll resort to wave clearing.

There have been times however, where I’ve come up against teams that play rather carefully or I don’t have the right opportunities to dive in, and getting consistent kills is difficult. This is where minion kills become slightly more important as without kills, you have no real source of exp gain. Thralls and buildables will only do so much by themselves. Instead, I’m more likely to be found in lane, wave clearing, in order to get exp.

In Meltdown however, I play slightly different. I still try to harass the other team as much as possible, but instead of focusing on kills first, the minion waves get priority. They are the easier, and more reliable way to level up in Meltdown, and as soon as the first wave has been cleared, I move onto destroying the buildables. I’ll always switch to the lane that needs clearing, or appears to be getting pushed back by the enemy, only in between waves will I actively seek people who are overextended.

Also, I apologise for the stupidly long post, but I hope this helps.

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Gotcha. Here we go:

View on

View on

View on

Whilst this loadout is slighty more expensive to get started than my regular one, and isn’t as effective for the Calculated Risk burst damage (although I’ve tried to maintain skill dmg and shield strength), it will certainly let you buy a lot more buildables. If you’re struggling with getting levels, and like building, then this might help?

I did a test run with @loving-hatred where we both ran economy builds, we managed to produce approximately 120 buildables between us and I’m convinced that we were both level 10 before anybody else. It even started to get to the point where all our buildables were maxed out and we couldn’t spend anymore of our shards. I was sitting about 2500 at one point. :stuck_out_tongue:


Throwing fans :slight_smile: let you tag minions for exp while not taking damage to your shield so youre always ready to dive. same with pinging, you get assists, but ANY time someone struggles with exp, i always recommend minions. they are the most surefire way not to get outleveled.
if youre not as concerned about diving/losing your shield, then go ahead and get in the minions with melee, deande has great damage and lifesteal.

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First: Thanks for all the responses!

I will read everything more carefully later. Have to leave for work soon and will write a longer response later when I’m back home again and will answer some questions I’ve seen above. :slight_smile:

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Now I have time to write a longer response. Thanks again everyone for all the tips. :slight_smile:

@ZercR: “Only minions” wasn’t really doable in most matches I had, when my teammates annihilate most waves before I can sometimes even get close. It also resulted many times in me being an easy target when I’m bathing in minions in the middle of the lane. Enemies way out of position are really rare on PC …
I will try to get more minion kills (may have to start pinging my wave clears on the team to leech from them a little - as much as I dislike that since I prefer to use pings as a way to communicate), so thanks for that (and also to @Beatrix, @reliikki, @Phoenix-2613 and @NatsumeRyu).

@Beatrix: My biggest struggle is always getting to level 4. My big hold up is that I spend too much time on level 2 and 3. I’m getting to 4 and beyond almost always when half of the other players already have unlocked their ultimates and this is just a hindrance. It’s better once I’ve at level 5, but I always have the feeling that I’m being too much of a burden for my team when I’m behind everyone.
I mostly ignored thralls until now, since I always felt I need too much time on them to justify leaving my team in a 4v5 situation, maybe that makes the difference (thanks @Rio and @Phoenix-2613, I’ll try that).

@Phoenix-2613: Don’t apologize for a long text with very useful info. This is very helpful and I try to implement that into my game. As for the recommended gear: 500 hours into the game, I have none of these items. :frowning:
Still, many thanks, I will remember those and also thanks to @loving-hatred for drawing attention to my thread. :slight_smile:

@Rio: I agree, it would be much more fun if the waits weren’t that long. It’s sadly getting to a point again where I can’t play that often, because waits exceed my time I have for playing on most days. :frowning:
Still big thanks to you. If it weren’t for you I’d never have come back to PvP in this game. You were that one person I had to meet to find fun again in this game and forget all the insults, anger and the frustration I was exposed to and which fueled my depressions before I had to stop playing for my own sake. Thanks for all the fun we had (and will have, it’s not over yet!). :slight_smile:

@Nemosis327: Those three matches weren’t full length. The first one ended after 11 minutes (it was basically the rematch of the game in the second scoreboard I linked - same teams on both sides, back to back matches from yesterday). First game ended after 11 minutes, the other 2 I’ve linked went for nearly 25 minutes.
As for level of competitiveness: I really have problems to categorize these as anything other than PC Quickmatch. With my 500 hours in the game (and a big chunk of that in story), I’m the beginner in most matches I play, many people I’ve met have spent double or more the amount of time ingame. I have recorded all of those games, but it’s too embarassing on my end for the most part to show that in public …
I just love those skins from the Montana DLC. :slight_smile:
Will watch that video now and look for some things I could “borrow” from it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really hope I didn’t forget anyone now …

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Hope you enjoy our meme filled banter.


What do you mean with this, get close? Were you not there when the minions reached your team, or?


Close enough to hit them with melee or even with thrown fans when there were some obstacles in the way, I meant.

Don’t know, it just doesn’t sound right to me to do only wave clearing. I can be quite the PvEer in PvP too, especially in 4v5

But sometimes I’m just feeling like I’m too easily focused when I’m sitting in the middle of the action. I’ll play around with different strategies a little more, have a bunch of hints for improving my game now. :slight_smile: