Need some advice with my no-heal, no-nade Bear piloting build

The Flare class mod and Plus Ultra are a build unto themselves:

The only thing I’m tinkering with is where to allocate the last 4 skill points. In the run above, I put 2 points into Vladof Ingenuity in order to move down the next tier in the red tree and put the two remaining points in Phalanx Doctrine – but I don’t think that is ultimately a good investment.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

Judging from the video, you’re on-foot long enough as Moze where you may as well use the last 4 points to grab Short Fuse. In my view, Phalanx Doctrine is only worth going for if you intend on being a full-time pilot. Otherwise, the Flare COM demands a hybrid approach.

Also, I think going dual CapArm is a tad overkill for standard trash mobs. You were burning through more fuel than necessary, especially against the Valkyries so you might want to consider switching one of the augments to Sabot.

I’m not married to dual cap arm, just wanted to see how it would do versus armored targets.

If I were to go down to SF, what would be most valuable? 3 points into Grizzled? PTHP?

Well I’m assuming from the thread title that you’re aiming to avoid using nades. And you have It’s Piss equipped in the video anyway so that’s a solid no to PTHP. Those 3 points should definitely be invested in Grizzled.

I supposed I could use a nade for damage.

Grizzled is probably the better option.

Joltz’s version of my build:

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Hmm Joltz’s version though doesn’t go for Short Fuse which is fine because like with my Bear build, he was hopping onto the Dakka Bear turret in the footage anyway. But it seems like you are aiming for a true hybrid style approach with Moze getting in on the action with her guns.

I also noticed that he was a bit vague about his description of Fire in the Skag Den - he mentioned the Mayhem scaling, but did not clarify that it only applies to Moze’s splash damage, whereas it actually works as stated on the card regarding Iron Bear’s splash damage. Unless that was changed at some point or I’ve got the maths wrong? And he also said that Desperate Measures only works in giving Bear more damage if his armour is low when last I was aware, it was contingent only on Moze’s missing health. Otherwise yeah, it’s pretty much standard for a level 65 Bear pilot build; you can get max investment in all the main DPS skills, and you technically didn’t need 5 points in Vampyr before the Plus Ultra even existed.

So, this is where I ended up on the no-heal Flare Bear. Obviously you can make adjustments base on the skill allocations of your favorite Flare COM; I just so happen to have one with great skill rolls, but +1 Cloud of Lead. Got a personal best Maliwan TTD clear with it: