Need some advice

Hello, I’m playing bl2 w/ salvador, currently I am lvl 25, just before the mission where you kill the bunker. The thing is, I need better guns, can someone tell me what boss should I try to farm, Or where to go to get some more decent guns, The guns I have pretty much sh*t. Just some random whites.


If you have the Marcus Saves Mercenary day DLC, you can go through it and once you finish it you get access to a large pair of chests full of items - usually green or higher and on-level for your first time through.

If nothing else, there’s always a leveled Lascaux SMG easily available in Frostburn Canyon…not elemental, but it will throw a ton of damage when zoomed.

Get some Golden Keys. It seems like they have been issuing codes for them a lot recently.

Where can you get it?

Here is a link

This vid shows how/where to go…I can usually just run in and avoid fighting everything between me and it, but you may have to deal with at least some enemies.

If you are going for the Lascaux, exit and enter Frostburn Canyon a bunch of times before you go for it. There will be an additional Lascaux in the pool for every time you entered Frostburn.

k, thanks a lot

Golden keys are the best bet. It’s fast, and guaranteed purples (though they may not be the type of weapons you want) but they’ll definitely help. Most of the Headhunters are really easy and are easy to find decent items. As noted above, the Mercenary Day one is the best/fastest.

The Lascaux does not scale to your level in normal mode so don’t waste your time. It will always be very low leveled, like 8-10 or something.

There are tons of chests in Opportunity and Thousand Cuts. All of them should be at least close to your level if not on level.


Farm Thousand Cuts for Loot Midgets and hit all the chests along the way.

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The chests in Thousand Cuts are sweet with loot. You can get some Loot Midgets in the way but dont expect this much of them in normal mode.

All of these options are really good, especially the Mercenary Day HHP. If you do decide to farm Tinder Snowflake though, be mindful of your level and don’t over-level too far. You’ll eventually be in the same situation, just with better quality guns.