Need some build and gear advice

This is the build I use at level 52 along with a Celestial Lawbringer.

Even though I use some really good level 50 guns, it still feels a lot harder than it did with Aurelia and Wilhelm. Even the Luck Cannon, which was a beast in TVHM, seems a bit lackluster. The only gun that performs as expected is the Flayer. So… I would like some advice on how to go about this.

Is shield stripping more important when using non elemental guns?

I’m having trouble finding 4 guns that I can go with as my main guns. I’m currently swapping all the time just because I can’t find a nice balance.

The build I’m aiming for at level 70 is this.

Once I get her going in Showdown, everything dies pretty fast, but do I really need to go into Showdown every time I come across a couple of basic enemies? The kill skills really change things.


@DeputyChuck @khimerakiller
That’s about all the advice i can give in regards to nisha


For non-elemental there effectively isn’t another build besides this one. As you’re going to have a very sub-par time in UVHM without:

  • Trick Shot at at least 6/5
  • And you lose quite a bit of her base damage/DPS from not having Quick Shot or Rarin’ To Go, not to mention the multiplicative fire rate from HCWM.

And on the other hand there are somethings wasted on a Nisha that wields Jakobs pistols and Shotguns.

  • Staying in Showdown is actually a bad thing. Ruthless just causes you to waste time in your AS with nothing to kill. Nisha has the DPS to kill everything she needs to in the base time, and then she wants in on cooldown ASAP for the next time she needs it.
  • Normal fire rate from Unchained is worthless on a semi-auto gun with a 12.5 fire rate.
  • NP,NG is a very bad skill. You get much more guaranteed damage from RTG, as well as a massive reload bonus to guns that only have an effective mag of 4-6.


There are guides somewhere if you don’t know why I say no substitute.

  • Accept no substitute, a blue Crapshooter with +6 Tombstone and +5 Trick Shot.
  • Highest capacity turtle shield you can find for mobing. And I mean no substitute.


  • Vladof Cryo

Example of the playstyle


I had a really hard time figuring out how this would be useful on Jakobs guns, but everywhere I looked, it would be 5/5, so I thought… It’s just something I’ll figure out as I go. I’ll use it! :rofl: Thanks for setting my mind at ease, @khimerakiller!

That’s what I’m talking about! :cowboy_hat_face:

Solid advice, Mate! Thanks! I’ll make the necessary changes.


I personally would either go with a full Jacobs build (“One for each of Ya” works wonders on the Luck Cannon and Jacobs pistols in general) or would use a Com that boosts “Trick-Shot” (for now) and use Shotguns and/or Lasers to wreck stuff, depending on your range. You don’t have all the skills for a Pistol build yet.

Pistols will become great once you get to “One for each of Ya”. Until then you won’t need them too much, but with 7+ points in “Trick-Shot” they will become great too.


3 years of Badassery. Happy Anniversary!!!


Nisha is my Toon in TPS. Haven’t been on Elpis for some time now. Khim is really knowledgeable and I would take his advice as I have myself many times. Nisha is what made me such a huge fan of Jakobs. Went back to BL2, discovered the Dep Sal build and haven’t looked back. Jakobs is the ■■■■! :sunglasses:
and I owe my love for Jakobs to TPS and Nisha’s ability to make them shine above all! :star_struck:


I did, and the rest is history! It was glorious! Exactly what I wanted! “Trick Shot” changed everything, and once I got “One for each of ya”, it was all over. For the enemies, that is! :rofl: It was beautiful!


Heya, am curious if a Celestial Lawbringer can work with Jackobs / non-elemental guns - I’m a big fan of reduced cooldowns being a main Maya player in BL2 (<3 Derch & Co).

I am planning on using this,auto build so that I take advantage of all the bonus skills.

Gear wise I pinched through @DeputyChuck list of BiS gear for Nisha and went with two-fer Luck Cannon / Doc Flyer (got a two-fer Maggy as well but am not a big fan of it for ranged combat, sure in close quarters works amazing, but Luck Cannon can be played as a short sniper tehehe!), 3DD1.E Oz, the blue quest shield from Holodome (almost all parts Anshin, damn RNG), quasar longbow for nade, Celestial Lawbringer for relic.

I am not interested in speed kills or speed runs, I want to be able to go about at my pace exploring and not having trouble wherever I go.

PS: moonshine 10% crit is additive or multiplicative with tombstone and other %crit sources (like BadAss stats)? If it’s additive might be better than piercing wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks, much appreciated!

PPS: It’s actually 5/5 Hot Lead and not unchained, excuse mois :slight_smile:

It can work definitely, it’s just that the points I brought up in my original post already show where you might find it to be inferior.

  • It has barely any Trick Shot, which Ronnie already said was a life changer
  • Nisha definitely works with only 5/5 Tombstone, but a lot of her synergies are made much better by having more of it
  • I already hit on how at least my Nisha works in regards to her combat loop and cooldown.
  • And my Nisha never really needs the life steal
  • Etc…

IMO the C. Lawbringer only really shines with beam weapons, but I don’t use beam weapons on her outside of the Absolute Zero. And even then I tend to prefer a glitch Maliwan Blaster. But this is the kind of game where you can make almost anything work, and your build is good enough to handle most of what TPS can throw at you.

I don’t think the Holodome has a shield? If it’s the Shield of Ages, then it has fixed parts. And if it’s the Haymaker from the Shock Drop Slaughter Dome, then I’d suggest getting the SoA instead, or maybe not with your life steal build.

Nothing is additive with Tombstone. Tombstone gives critical chance, luneshine and BAR and such give critical damage. And luneshine critical damage is type A, and is additive with all other type A critical damage.

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I ran with the Haymaker for a long time with Nisha. :slight_smile:

of course the shield of ages is better for mobbing, but against bosses, the extra health when you’re at max order is great.

Personally, my favorite shield with Nisha is the Naught, as DoTs are the most common thing that Order can’t help against



It’s a shame he didn’t play more BL2 :wink:


Much appreciated!

Yes, it is the Haymaker and it works great so far (I just hit 70 on her and reset the UVHM playthrough to do all quests, explore & have fun).

Regarding DoTs, doesn’t her melee skill transfer the dots if you hit something (due to Haymaker ofc) since it’s a large cone shaped AoE? (obviously standing in an AoE DoT doesn’t do you any good).

I guess the idea was to make an all around build similar to Pimp Maya where you could swap coms and gear to get most out of any encounter / boss. I thought like on Maya, you could go for a cat com and beehawk for insane dps on bosses, and swap to something else for general mobbing or for partying with friends etc.

The lifesteal and shield regen really kick in during tough fights (like - for me - RedBelly 1st phase when there are no adds, he is immune to crits - if am not mistaken - and he has a high chance to immolate you with his laser).

I guess I can still run this build and swap in a Crap Shooter when I feel for it, or Chronicler and get some cryo weaps in. Outside of lasers I wouldn’t really use auto weapons with her as she would chew through the ammo like crazy and once you get going is hard to stop in time from shooting.

I had big ammo problems with Aurelia when I tried a good cryo vladoff sniper, the damage and kill times were great, but she was starved for bullets hahaha!

For Trickshot I figured since she auto-aims during showdown you won’t loose much with Luck Cannons, and I mainly use the Flyer really close-up (except vs the crows) - obviously it’s a great skill, Gaige was making a living on it, but again can just swap to blue crap shooter and should be fine.

Thanks, much appreciated, about to head into Titan Robotics and face the power suits and see how she fares w/o a corrosive weapon thehe!

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You say that, but I think I’ve have plenty of times where Order has proc’d and sometimes saved me from a DoT.

It’s more like I joined too late, and me being the person I am, I didn’t want to join the community until I already knew what I was doing. (I preferred just lurking in the first place, but TPS’ characters made speed kills too fun.)

In that case I’d say all Anshin would be the best IMO.

It should, but Chuck might know better.

Oh yeah that totally works. It’s just I don’t see the C. Lawbringer and Crapshooter in the same light as something like the L. Siren and L. Cat. But I love to min/max, so feel free to disregard my stance on this.

Personally I just face tank them and we usually kill each other at the same time, and I just get a second wind of an add. Or just easy mode him with cryo and a Laser Disker reload. And you can crit him (it’s hard, but I remember doing it with throw reloads at least), and he is also not immune to Tombstone crits.

Between the C. Baroness and Silver Lining you shouldn’t even run out of ammo with a Droog, so long as you don’t over fire while mobbing.


Hopefully you’ll be here with us right from the start when BL3 hits the shelves :slight_smile: