Need some build help for hellborn amara


Pain is power: AR (havent used this yet)
Embrace the pain: AR
conference call: fire
Westergun: shock & fire

Novaberner: shield
elemental projector: artifact
Need a good grenade
Phasezerker mod

I am spec’d into a standard red tree build up to cap stone and partial blue tree with phasegrasp with ties that bind and the healing augment (forgot what its called)

My problem is the damage is incredible, but the self damage from the AR’s are so strong. I do not know how mitigate3 this damage. The shield has incendiary resistance but its only 13%.

Any suggestions for gear/skills/or how to mitigate the self elemental damage

Also if anyone has a novaberner that is anointed to have constant novas going off after actionskill use that would be amazing!