Need some clarification on a few things

So I love this game. Let me say that straight off. But I’m new. I only started playing a few weeks ago and have just now got a level 50 Moze. Looking into builds is so complicated… a lot of people have been playing for a long time so the jargon really is embedded into what they say. I don’t understand any of it and can’t find clarification on half of the terms lol, here are the things I don’t get so any help would be appreciated:

1hp builds with massive shields ? How on earth does this work how does their health stay low? And how do they achieve such massive shields and why do any of this anyway??? it’s confusing and I can’t wrap my head around it.

Hopping in and out of iron bear. I get this is to activate ‘ on exiting iron bear’ skills but surely there’s a build out there where Moze is both strong in and out of iron bear? Not just one or the other? Would be nice to use all of Moze not just bits of her kit.

Not many builds mention where to put guardian rank points? I get it will depend on the build but does it make much of a difference?

I’m aware this is a lot to ask of you guys to answer my massive list of noob questions but it’s very hard to find info on this stuff especially because it feels like everyone is super super late game and a lot of the jargon is just standard to people now. Thanks for any and all help anyone can provide, love the game and all the help I get on these forums :slight_smile:

1hp builds are a combination of a few things. The main aspect is that they want to take advantage of the damage bonus offered by Desperate Measure in the Red Tree. Desperate Measures gives a bigger damage bonus the lower your health is, so 1hp builds maximize this bonus all the time.

You go about achieving this by using a either Moze’s skill Thin Red Line or by using a legendary artifact called Deathless. Both of these permanently reserve some of your health in exchange for giving you a shield capacity boost. The large shield capacities shown off are usually due to people people combining these 2 methods.

There are builds that offer both, however generally 1 aspect is stronger so people just all in on one aspect. If you want to run a build like this I’d be happy to provide pointers on it.

Guardian perks you’ll just acquire over time, most on here already have all of them. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Spec for the skills you think would be interesting. Personally I think Topped off and C-C-Combo are most important to Moze. With Topped off the being better than C-C-Combo by a decent margin.

If you’re struggling with Moze I’d recommend you look here, it links most of the information we have on Moze. Threads like the FaQ’s and the skill analysis are really good starting points. Both threads have done their best to not use too much jargon.


Thanks a bunch man for the response super clear and easy to understand and yeh I would love if U could link me some builds like that I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

People keep saying Moze needs a buff etc but for me so far she seems good? Probly coz I’m not late game mayhem 4 I imagine…

And as a side note I found this build:

The author claims it’s good everywhere in and out of iron bear but I’m not sure because I’m still learning all this build malarkey lol. Again thanks a bunch man

I just skimmed the video. The gear he chooses is pretty standard for endgame Moze. The skill trees are alright but I think you’ll get better results from something like this.

This is a spec someone on Discord created, it’s reliable and very adaptable. You can play with Moze or Iron Bear and weapon wise you can use pretty much anything that does splash damage. So for instance there’s a side mission Ava gives you, the mini boss at the end is almost guaranteed to drop you the legendary SMG Westergun. That’s a great gun to run with this build.

Otherwise you can pretty much just use all the gear shown in the video and it will perform well with this spec.

If you tell us what you currently have gear wise myself or anyone else can maybe help get the most out of what you have.


When u say splash damage is that just explosives then? Sorry for all the questions lol

Don’t worry about the questions. I’ll answer all night if you’re still curious.

Splash damage is a whole group of weapons, this includes explosives. So pretty much anything torgue and most Maliwan guns.

If you’re unsure a rule of thumb is try shooting your feet, if you take damage then the gun is splash. This rule isn’t perfect but it should be good enough.

Awww man that’s a shame because I hate Maliwan and torgue lol more of a Jacobs and vladof kind of guy haha more satisfy pew pew sounds hahaha. But I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

This is a build I came up with [Build] Bearonator M4 Hybrid/Themed Build

It’s quite close to the skill tree Prismatic showed you but with just a few changes to give more time in Iron Bear. Keep in mind the build was based around the Trevonator but you can use any splash weapon for it.

This build is a hybrid so you can spend all your time in Iron Bear or out of it or mix your time and you will be powerful at all times basically. Check out the topic if you want to see gameplay and have the skill choices explained to you.


Man you guys on these forums rock! So cool to have stuff answered and awesome suggestions :slight_smile:


Any builds I can run vladof/ Jacobs on? Or is it all splash weapons? If not then fair enough gotta play with the hand you’re dealt but just asking because I like those guns :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I didn’t create this spec. Also from Discord

Something like this will allow you to run Jakobs. It probably won’t hold upto a splash build but it will clear content.

This is a case though where you’d play as a glass cannon. Wearing something like a Bloodletter and using something like a big boom blaster shield.

A full load out for this you’d also want to add a Deathless artifact to as you’re all in on shields.

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You can the reason we mostly stick to splash is that Moze’s main survivability is mostly based on Vampyr which needs nades, and to keep nades flowing you need Means of Destruction which uses splash. But that’s not the only way to play her you can play without Vampyr entirely if you want making use of the SOR tree. You could also use Short Fuse + Mindsweeper to use non-splash weapons but still get splash out of them.

As I was typing this, I see that @Prismatic posted an image of a SOR based build like I was talking about.


Awww man this kinda makes me sad if I knew she was gonna be a glass cannon with those types of weapons I might have had to re-think. Clearing mayhem 4 without being made of paper with vladof or Jacobs is the dream! I suppose I can give it a go tho and hope for the best lol I don’t mind some splash just don’t wanna have to constantly use Maliwan or torgue coz I’m not a fan lol ( thanks for your hard work btw)

And ah I always see people talk about vampyr lol I’ll try non splash with minesweeper and short fuse, do u think it will really stand up to splash tho or am I just severely handicapping myself due to being stubborn lol

I personally tend to focus mostly on Blast Master builds and so I don’t have a ton of experience with Mindsweeper.

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Ah ok fair enough , just something satisfying about bog standard guns tho instead of like Lasers or rockets or whatever ya know?

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It can be done, however you are definitely choosing the harder path. The players I’ve seen pull off non splash guns tend to be the ones with really good knowledge of mechanics. They have to take advantage of all the intricacies of the game mechanics to make it work well.


Tbf I could just embrace it. I have a level 38 fl4k who could be my Jacobs/vladof guy so maybe I’ll just embrace the splash! Haha I’m gonna leave you both be now you’ve both been incredibly helpful and I’m super grateful. You both the real MVP’s :slight_smile: I’ll maybe drop a little post in here in a few days if I farm anything good for the build as I’m a fresh lvl 50. Take care guys


I’m thinking maybe it would help to add a glossary of common terms and jargon related to Moze in the FAQs that people familiar with her use all the time.

We often forget that some of this stuff is not common knowledge to beginners using Moze. Or simply because we’re usually discussing things with other players familiar with the terms. Things like deathless, splash, etc.

Ps for op, the builds these guys linked are great. The one @kabflash made is very similar to one I use as well though it depends on the skill points added by class mod and what weapons and gear you have.

For instance both my mod and my artifact have the bonus stat at the bottom listed as +30% grenade damage, so 60% total. I find it’s worth it for me to take one point in To the Last because I can get out of Fight for Your Life much easier if I’m in a bad situation.

There was a time when I tried to use non-splash guns.

And this is where I ended up haha. Even with mind sweeper @Prismatic has shown that you get a lot of extra damage with splash damage multipliers. This is a little more of an advanced mechanic to get into though, and I’m not the best person to explain it.

Basically you said it best about Moze…

She excels in dealing extra damage through splash, and it’s usually crippling to not play to her strengths.

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Yeh haha it’s splash o’clock! :sweat_smile: