Need some clarification on item stats

Most stuff is self explanatory, but I need some clarification on those:
Attack Damage - What does it influence? Would it be just LMB attack, all non-skill/non-pasive attacks, or whole damage output?
Dmage Reduction - Does it reduces damage reduction by multiplying or adding? If the latter, does equipping gear with negative damage reduction without having any damage reduction on character amplifies damage taken?

Gear bonus’ are listed in white text. Any gear with red text would be considered a penalty or debuff or have the opposite effect. So yes, when damage reduction is listed in red text it means you will take more damage if you activate that item. As far as the buffs/debuffs being additive or multiplicative I’m not sure. My guess is if we can only use 3 pieces of gear it is probably additive. I can’t confirm this because I haven’t tested it.

I don’t really think stat being red implies that it can go into negative value. I mean there are items with -Shield Strength, -Shield Recharge Speed, yet you don’t get negative of those if you reach less than zero. While items with -Shield Recharge Delay and -Reload Speed have no effect on characters without shield and characters using non-reload weapon. I want to know if negative Damage Reduction follows same pattern for character without any incoming damage mitigating effects.

If damage reduction is listed in red text it means the damage you receive will be increased by the number listed. This has nothing to do with shields. So if the item says 5% damage reduction in red text and someone hits you for 100 damage, you will take 105 damage if that piece of gear is active.

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