Need some dire help

Okay, so i’m in a bad spot because my account’s reputation got dropped to “Avoid Me.” Because of this, i can only be matchmade with people of my same reputation. Because its incredibly low, nobody will be found.

How did this happen? Upon viewing my rep statistics, it showed over 50 people reported me for cheating. The only game i even touched was Battleborn and i dont know how to cheat. Every hour i played was pure sweat, blood, and determination. And so far i havent played an online public match in a week and its pissing me off.

I was told by Microsoft that i need to “play with alot of people” because thats the fastest way to increase my reputation. Well, how am i supposed to play with anybody if i cant find them?

So, i decided to call for help here. Story mode is good enough, but Private versus is fun too.