Need some enlightment about recent talk of bl3 and battleborn

So i’m a huge fan of the borderlands series. Played through every single game, tftbl included. Didn’t like much battleborn and haven’t played it a lot, i completed the campaign without dlcs though.
I’ve been “reading” through all the threads regarding battleborn and these new easter eggs about bl3 and i got very excited.
So i want to ask you guys a quick tldr about the situation. Such as:
-the link between the borderlands and battleborn universes theory (is this a “almost confirmed” theory?)
-zero is a jennerit theory (???)

  • list of easter eggs from battleborn (i actually know of promethea graffiti and varelsi morse code)
    Last question. Since i’m a huge fan of bl series and i love, LOVE its lore, i wanted to know if it is essential that i buy battleborn dlcs for my lore knowledge. Could battleborn dlc lore be as essential as tftbl lore-wise?
    Thanks in advance, a lore-thirsty bl fan.

I don’t think Battleborn and Borderlands have any connection in terms of lore…? First I’ve heard of that.

I didn’t mean that they are lore-linked. The theory that somehow varelsi portals may link different universes, may imply that borderlands and battleborn universes are somehow linked. I’ve seen some posts talking about it and they seem to have some pretty valid points for this theory.
The question i’d love to have an answer is " is the varelsi morse code an easter egg or an actual encrypted lore fact that belongs to battleborn universe but it references the borderlands universe as a link and not as an easter egg?"

So far, it’s just a really neat Easter Egg. (GBX told us ahead of time that the Story Ops would contain BL3 Easter Eggs.) Whether there’s more to it than that isn’t known yet, although there is of course lots of rampant speculation.


For some weird reasons i want that the theory of borderlands and battleborn universes being linked is true but at the same time i don’t want it to be so lol
First because this would imply LOT of lore twists and new infos.
On the other hand, i don’t have much money for battleborn dlcs rofl

No link between the worlds other than the easter eggs as far as I know. The devs have said they don’t really want to mix the two at all and want to keep them as their own separate worlds. The most we may see in each game is skins inspired by the other game.

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Probably better that way - it gives a lot more flexibility story-wise to both franchises.

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Well the lead up to Battleborn is the culmination of all other games that preceeded it by all gaming studio’s lol.