Need some Friends to play Digistruct Pete

Hey folks I’m new to the forum at the suggestion of my son. I’m almost to level 72 and screwed up and got the fire ladyfist at level 66 and I’ve beat the game on UVHM so I can’t go back and get it again.
I’ve had a hard time with the soceres on Tiny Tina DLC so I know I’m going to need to help. With the guns I have I can’t even kill Terramorphus Solo anymore.

If anyone is up for it just add me. Gt: Jetta-The-Hut
or if anyone just wants to do raid boss runs I’m game for that too. I respect legendary drops and the host always has first choice of picking it up. .I’m an old guy too. My son is in his 20’s and he got me hooked on this game.

hey added you on xbox my GT: mikesavelkoul
And by the way you could always reset UVHM so that you can get the ladyfist again.
will be on from next week again. Have a lvl 68 krieg at the moment.

Ok sounds good. I’m farming the bunker over the weekend. I got a Kerblater ,a bitch and a Sham the other night in 5 attempts. I’m hoping for a 90% sham

What level are you now?

Half way through level 70. Killing the bunker ever 5 minutes at 22-24k xp each time. Shouldn’t take long to get to 72

I’m always on hit me up if you need help.

Gt mS Xero - i have an op8 mecro and am up for pretty much anything, mic is broke tho…

Sounds good. Probably won’t get to play till Saturday morning. Work is crazy right now.

added you guys; The Dyce and mS Xero.
my GT: mikesavelkoul

I haven’t been on much but am I doing something wrong, I’ve seen no one playing. I’ve added some folks and the don’t show up on the right. I haven’t had the Xbox one long but if heard if both people don’t add as friends it doesn’t show up?? I’ll be playing again tomorrow if someone wants to join in.

GT: JettaTheHut