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OP8 lvling and Farming

Update Read- I do not Power Lvl anymore. But I do lvl, Meaning no bar room brawl for hours. You’re welcome to tag along and rank up during farming and loot runs which is slower then others can offer. So if you’re not in a big rush to lvl you can add.

OP8 lvling and Farming

Rule #1. No Loot Ninja’s.
Rule #2. Don’t touch anything missions nore objectives at all. I have certain things left open for a reason. Thank you.

Moved back to my Ps4 for Advanced Warfare. But if anyone needs op8 lvling or anyone farmed hit me up ill switch over for a couple hours. Send friends request with a message stating what you need help with.

Update Note******: I do not power lvl. What you see above is what I offer sorry.

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