Need some help finishing TVHM Campaign

I’ve got a few things left, and I’d really like to finish them, just so I can hurry up and get to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. If you have the time, mssg me at GH02THAV0C, thx!

Hey, I can help you out with quest, gear, and levels.

GT: ValkyriesHero

Thank you, but I kind of screwed up. Y’know that box that will pop up that says “Would you like to skip all quests associated with another playthrough?”. Yeah, I pressed okay :expressionless:. Which means the last 5-6 missions I completed with another friend are done for me, which also means I lost, like, 15 levels of XP. So I’m on UVHM now :neutral_face:! I will be on later today though so just leave your gamer tag and if you could help me w/ uvhm, that’d be great!

Well what level are you at right now?

51, if that helps :smile:

Well, I can grind you out a few levels at the bar if you need.

GamerTag: ValkyriesHero

K, thanks. I’ll be on later though, as I have some stuff to do.