Need some help I dont know whats wrong

Hello, Ive been playing the Borderlands games for a while now, and Ive noticed a recurring problem back 5o BL2, my game will occasionally freeze up no reason, not doing anything out of the ordinary, thought it was just something wrong a bug or glitch or something in the game, but now its here again in tps, each time Ive had to pull the power cord to fix it. Ive played Sf4, Injustice both that have a connection to online play, and they work, and mind you this doesnt happen all the time, just sometimes, if anyone has any suggestions, itd be appreciated thanks.

Could be your ps3. I dont have any problem playing bl2. Ive put 600 hours into it and it maybe froze once or twice when there was alot going on. And that was a long time ago.

Ya but Im not sure how it can be fixed. Most times it plays just fine. But now and then its acted up. Im uneasy attempting to defrag it, and cant afford to buy another one.

Two other things Id like to mention as things that need addressing, Ive noticed this with 3 of my characters, that its happened to a brief slowdown of my characters running speed, granted I was using a turtle shield, but, I was running faster than that with it on before, that was athena, another time I was playing claptrap, using a explosive nova shield. I tried unequipping it and reequipping it after a decent period, nothing changed, only after I shut my system off then back on it returned to normal. Can this be looked into? Also and its happened to me and a number of my friends on their consoles so its not a “lone” incident when joining somebody elses game, it resets your skill points! To me this is tedious and annoying would 2K Australia, Gearbox, PLEASE address these issues its been ongoing for months. Thanks.

running slow is prolly the cryo glitch. the way to fix is by taking cryo damage again from any suitable source (cryo barrel, cryo pool, etc)