Need some help (PC/STEAM)

Ok, so apparently, i reached a point where i can’t continue my story mode because of the huge level gap between me and the NPCs but i’m just not in the mood of going back to the Normal mode and complete those side quests that gives me around 5k xp when i need for example 982980 to reach level 32 soooooo i was wondering if some one could boost me up to 35 or something like that? i used to boost ppl on BD2 by bringing them to the Warrior on Ultimate, it should work here aswell.

I would be really happy :slightly_smiling:

My steam nick is Claudio (same image)

Moved you to the proper section to get help

thnx, first time using the Forum :slight_smile:

No prob at all, its a common mistake. We’re here to help.

Also on leveling up while I’m here I like Kragons, because you get XP everything you kill them and they multiply the xp adds up quickly.

Right now, the kragons are giving me around 200-500 xp, which is good, but it takes a long period of time to level up

Yeah I know each one doesn’t give a lot but in groups all those small numbers add up with quantity. Right before Iwajira there are a ton and its a short gun, do that save/quit and repeat.

Unless they are below your level by a lot.

yup, they are giving me around 27 (smal) to 300 (big)