Need some help pretty please 😁

I finally hit level 53 so cleared out my bank. So not to get items mixed up I dropped my currently equipped items in a corner. Anyway after I sold everything I went back, picked up my things and my anointed gunner transformer shield and lob was missing, as well as my relic. I think they fell through the floor or something. If anyone has a spare Lob or transformer shield they could send my way I’d really appreciate it. On ps4, GT is Weethor.

That sucks. I been there. What annointments did they have?

Add PSN: JayBowdy

I can get you almost anything you need.

Make sure to msg who you are and what you need. I don’t get home till late.

The Lob hand bonus Incendiary damage on ASE and I cant remember the shield one lol! Dont think it was anything special though. Kick to the dick when they weren’t their QQ

Ok. I have a few different Transformers. Couple different Lobs too.

I’d you send a FR just mention what you’re looking for. I usually mail stuff out before I start my session.