Need some help with gun Krieg

To @Gulfwulf, @xmngr and other knowledgeable Krieg players…

I’m trying out some gun Krieg builds and not doing so well. After some poor attempts to clear Southpaw, I did some searching around youtube and in the forums. Most of the Krieg gun builds were based on Hellborn and using fire and other dots to melt things after slagging them with the Slagga, magic missiles etc. This seems fun and I want to try it out, but also a bit situational as I’m not sure how it would for bigger enemies.

Other non melee builds were the explosive ones around the fastball grenade.

I was trying out an explosive gun build with stuff like the Harold, Kerblaster, Ravager, Badaboom, but I was having trouble keeping Blood Bath up and so my damage would drop when I would most need it. Is it just a matter of playing aggressively and diving in for kills to keep the skill up, or there is a useful grenade mod that might help with that? edit: I’m not too good with the fastball, and sometimes stuff isn’t in direct line with you because you are being shot up, so I was wondering if there’s something else that might work

In short, do you have some basic tips on spec’ing and playing gun Krieg?

I’m assuming you’re at max level? And since you’re going explosive, just move 2 of the points in Thrill of the Kill into StF.

Tips on how to play him? Toss grendaes until you have ~70 Bloodlust stacks with a Grog out, and then put it way an go hog wild. If you can apply a status effect to the enemy, you should be in their face.

But you already saw this. What other help do you need?


That’s useful, thanks, particularly on the advice to go with the grog until your bloodlust builds up… yes, this is for OP8… So you toss the stormfront to build up bloodlust…ok… does it also proc bloodbath, that’s what I’m having the most trouble with. Why the roughrider over something like a Blockade with a low delay, which also has Damage Resistance? I was taking a Leg Reaper, but again, I just couldn’t get enough out of Bloodbath, so maybe I’m better with the Leg Torch for building up damage while I’m on fire? Also, why not Pain is Power, I’m not aiming for crits or is it just not enough damage?

If you are using stuff like Harold/Kerblaster/Badaboom/Ravager/Carnage you will get more out of PiP than without. You seem to be running Rough Rider also, so Bloodbath is not a guarantee.

The Rough Rider is the best shield on Krieg generally, if you are running Krieg forget having a shield, you won’t be able to keep it up. The Rough Rider’s health synergizes better with Krieg as Krieg is all about having a ton of health.

The Stormfront can proc Bloodbath but I wouldn’t rely on it- use guns that can reliably proc it, play aggressively and you should do fine.

I personally run this 95% of the time

You will notice the extremely heavy Hellborn investment. If you don’t intend to go RTB hybrid you will want to keep yourself on fire and be able to ignite yourself easily. Elemental Elation, Raving Retribution and ToTK allow you to fight aggressively and keep up your kills and momentum. The Stormfront is the best grenade for survival and CC though Quasars, Teslas, transfusions and element match Vladof grenades also work fine.

I use the Reaper most of the time as keeping up Bloodbath is rarely an issue, though my build gives me flexibility to use the Torch or Toast if I want to. Always keep a matching element weapon on your side to build EE, heal and self-ignite even fmif you are running explosive weapons. My ‘main’ setuo involves a Hellfire/Hornet, Omen, Kerblaster and Slagga.


If your going to run gun Krieg, you need to be explosive. Flesh crunch mod, an ogre/dpuh.
This set gives you gun Krieg, fastball krieg and bxr krieg all in one. Its what i run at OP8. Note the absolute lack of hellborn.

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It can, but the weapons you’re using can proc it pretty easily.

Also using a FotF will make it much easier to keep BB up.

Krieg prefers and almost always has his shield down for many reasons. That’s why the 2 shields I listed are about the only ones used on end game Krieg.

I just personally don’t like it. And if your gun can crit, you should still be aiming for crits.

Last time I used it, Flame Flare was still glitched. On PC at least.

Nah, its been working as intended since October 29 and will no longer stack.

You might have caught an fire DoT from an enemy’s gun, which will also have a duration increase because of FF.

I use a Mania-Hellborn build paired with either a Legendary Torch or Toast com. It doesn’t have the advantages of the burst DPS with Reaper and Blood Bath but you also aren’t going to have a problem staying on your feet and tanking damage from all directions. It’s based purely on attrition. A typical mobbing scenario for me looks like this:

  1. Shoot an enemy with Slagga or throw Chain Lightning, trigger self-ignition.
  2. All self-burn dependent skills activate or gain bonuses, most notably BBB, Numbed Nerves, PiP, and Raving Retribution.
  3. Start shooting ■■■■, take some shots and watch stacks of Elemental Elation and Salt the Wound ramp up.
  4. Watch your DPS increase via Fire Rate and Mag Size and overwhelm enemies with my favorite shotties, Omens and Butchers.
  5. Tank everything as you start causing elemental damage everywhere passively with Raving Retribution and Elemental Empathy heals you.
  6. If health drops too low, Rampage and heal up.
  7. Go back to killing ■■■■.

Bigger enemies aren’t as big of an issue as long as there are adds that you can keep alive and cause Elemental DoT occasionally while you focus on the major enemy. Constructors, for example, are annoying but I let them spit out a few robots, apply a Corrosive DoT on them, gain the bonuses and go back to targeting the Constructor.

A lot of times I won’t even bother with smaller threats and keep them alive so that they can be sources of healing and self-burn activation while I deal with bigger threats. This playstyle tanks more effectively than Sal running an off-hand Grog for almost all mobbing situations.

Edit: So you can see the difference between the two class mods


It’s been a while since I’ve Krieg’d, but I was always a fan of the Power Toast. It seems to me that it did a far better job of DPS and maintaining health than the L Torch. Do you have a preference or is it situational?

Sorry for the lack of a reply, but I don’t use Hellborn at all. My Krieg is a Mania/Bloodlust who uses explosive weaponry like @Poisonedbite except I spec a little differently. The three points in Bloody Revival can be put somewhere else if you want.

My gear consists of:

  1. Ogre
  2. Casual Carnage
  3. Storm Front
  4. Rough Rider
  5. Legendary Sickle (a Leg. Reaper or a Flesh Crunch would work too, but I like using melee and the sickle’s the best melee COM).
  6. Blood of the Ancients with shotgun and AR ammo.
  7. DPUH
  8. Badaboom
  9. A fast firing SMG, like a Tediore or Hyperion, for surveyors or a Pimpernel.

I start the fight with the SF and shoot until I’m in RtB range, then I activate BxR and either start swinging or throw axes depending on how many enemies there are and how healthy they are. If I think I can kill one with melee, I’ll do that then start throwing axes while Fuel the Blood is active. The only times I have any real problems are against UBAs, but they can be handled with the appropriate weaponry from a distance.

This build relies heavily on explosive weaponry and melee, so if you don’t like either of those, try @BookEmDano’s build instead because his is very tanky and you use elemental weaponry instead. I generally play with one or two others so your mileage may vary.

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Yes, Toast com is a very significant increase in DPS over Legendary Torch but the sacrifice is that you heal less and have to balance Rampage a bit more. So higher risk/reward over Torch. But I’ve come around to liking Legendary Torch equally for its added tanking ability.


This should probably help you.

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Some gear advice for gun only.

I always use the RR shield. Without it i tend to kill myself

Grenades: Fastball if you get used to it. Grenades that will do your Dot- & BL-work are the Stormfront or the Pandemic wich I like to use on Loader maps.

Bone & Blood are good relics. Bone requires to manage your Dot’s and ammo well but it pays off

Explosive guns: the Carnage and KerBlaster are good as they don’t get a drawback by PiP and always proc BB. I then usually still invest in hellborn to the bottom but let my grenade do all the work (Dots, EE, …). The Flesh Crunch provides you with more starting damage while The Leg Reaper gives you flexibility to switch to a harold or Pimpernel (for resisting enemies)

Elemental guns: While the Pimpernel doesn’t proc BB it’s a must have for the damage and Dots it puts out. The Blockhead and Omen are fantastic shotguns with BB potential and low ammo cost. The hail is a beast if you know how to use it, but if you want something more straight forward, use the Kitten or Hellfire. Those do all well with either the Leg Torch or the Leg Reaper. Whatever suits you


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