Need some help with my build and gears

Finally reach OP10, now it’s’ time to farm some goodies. I came up this list and the reason why I want it, so I appreciate somone could double check it for me.

Here is my build, LBT+OC, DT acts as a decoy

Here is the list of weapons I want to get, and I am only going for prefixes, don’t really care about parts

Rabid hail (Fire, Shock, Corrosive)
Red is for Terramorphous, blue and green are for general purpose

DPUH (own)
Everyone loves this gun
Redundant fibber (Fire, Shock, Corrosive)
A must-have for OC gaige

Norfleet (own from SHiFT key)

Practicable butcher (Shock, Corrosive)
mobbing? I don’t have one, but think it will be great with its special effect
Practicable CC (Fire, Shock, Corrosive)
Great shotgun works from 0 stack to 400. It’s the one of best shotgun for raid
Rustler Twister
A must-have for LBT gaige
Gentle Blockhead
best fire shotgun in the game

Impetuous florentine
Boulets Go fasterifed Slagga

Banbury Pimpernel (Corrosive)

Magic Missile / chain lighting
who don’t love regenerate grenade

Bone of the ancients (Shock, Corrosive)
Sheriff’s Badge (own)

CN / CG necromancer (own)
Speedy jill of all traders (own)
not sure about using this, seems necromancer still is better

The Bee (own)
Sham (maybe?)
Blockade (own)

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Get a low level Texas striker for pre stacking, a ROM will take ages and kill you in the process because gaige isn’t Salvador.
Also don’t want to tell you how to play, but I would move most of those points from deep in BFFs to LBT and equip a Legendary Catalyst to bolster it(that is if I’m not using the anarchist.) Especially on op10, I found those points are worth more spent on skills like Electrical Burn and Interspersed Outburst than you’ll get out of MoSS or 20% cooler

  • I’d skip the Butcher in favor of a CC…easier to get and a better fit with Anarchy stacks.
  • Completely agree on the ROM…not worth the farm for Gaige.
  • You could die of old age before getting a good Twister (or any Twister, for that matter), but IMO shock with matching grip is close to ideal…if you get one at all.
  • My Gaige does very well with an Antagonist shield and is another easier-to-get item.

But isn’t DOT is kind useless in OP10, so I pick this two over Electrical Burn and Interspersed Outburst

I will try Antagonist, thanks

DOTs won’t kill on their own merit in UVHM in general, but that doesn’t mean they’re exactly useless. They’ll keep shields from regenerating and slow health regeneration to a point where it’s easier to win the DPS race. Plus, when you tag an enemy with a DOT you can see the damage numbers even through obstacles which makes the 50 yard backpedaling bandits easier to track. So what was a solid killing tactic early game becomes relegated to a somewhat supportish function, but in my mind that keeps them from being useless.

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