Need some help with the game

I got the game but i cant even play a single game.No training no campaign nothing.Always it looks for a server then after a while it comes timeout.
Are the server down?
Another question it looks like a shift codes are expired even the ones which shouldnt like this side says.
Thx for any help

You might need to check for and download the big update that dropped yesterday.

What system are you playing on?

I have the update bc i downloaded it today.
My problem is i cant even do my first game.
When i start story prolog it says connecting to server then when timer runs out and i get a new one that says timed out and when that runs out i get timed out blablabla error screen.
My nat is moderate.

My system is I7 5820k gtx1070 16gbddr4

I assume that means PC.

PC player base is pretty low right now and finding games in public queue is almost impossible. Ask @wrriddle about finding players to play with. To my understanding he organizes some private games and generally knows who’s still playing on PC. He could set you up with someone to play with in PvE.

sounds like their having a server issue though. not a people issue. the prologue is solo, afterall

they just did a lot of server maintenance yesterday and there was a huge download (9gb on PC and like 21gb on PS4)
servers may not be up to snuff yet

Organizing is a strong word, I’m trying to get people together via my steam group in hope they have an easier time to find each other.

Will be found in group chat whenever I can guarantee to have enough time to play with someone and not have to bail mid match and I’m also found on Discord lately and may post a link to join me there every once in a while.

I sadly don’t have that much time to play. :frowning:

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Oh, my tired brain misread that. My bad.

@timo41283 if you aren’t able to make any private games than the best thing you can do is submit a support ticket with the link @dantesolar gave.

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