Need some info about guardian rank tokens

Hi guys. Yesterday I finished the main storyline and unlocked Mayhem mode, so far so good.

When I went to check my tokes I only had 1 token available despite having completed lots and lots of challenges during normal PT.

Is this normal or should I have had more tokens to spend in order to unlock subsequent perks?

Are tokens related to challenges at all? How does one exactly earn tokens?

Tyvm in advance regarding any feedback.

Guardian Tokens are based on XP gained from combat and missions. Now you should see additional progress bar above your XP bar.
Challenges gives only Eridium as reward for completion.

I see, so they basically work like earning XP? I’m still at level 47, does that mean I will need to get to 50 before “XP” switches towards tokens!

I activated Mayhem 3, should I got back and get to 50 first or I can continue playing Mayhem 3?

Tyvm for you help.

Once you finish the game for the first time your Guardian rank ia available for every character. You already gaining the progress just by playing. It’s up to you if you want play Mayhem 3 or only Mayhem 1. On M1 and beyond all the sidequests and enemies are scaled to your level.

Cool, tyvm. Kudos.