Need some information if anyone can help

Recently one of the forum members asked me for some help with Terra. When we were trying to get a game together it would not let him or I join each other’s game. After alot of troubleshooting he finally told me that when I would invite him to my game the shopping cart icon popped up. I asked if he had the handsome collection but he only had the regular vanilla game. I didn’t think this would matter but can you really not play multi-player on Bl2 with someone who does not own the handsome collection? I find that rather odd . Why make the game backward compatible if you can’t play with others who essentially have the same exact game just without all of the add-ons ?

Handsome collection is technically a new game. Remastered versions of 2 games put into one disc. Older versions even though on the same console aren’t compatible. You basically have an Xbox 360 emulator on your Xbox one that allows you to play select backwards compatible games. I believe you can play the 360 version on your Xbox one with people on the 360 because you’re playing the same game just that you’re playing it on your Xbox one.

Correct. No connection between HC collection and the backwards compatible version. It’s because one is XB1 native and the other is INSIDE an emulated 360, and MS made some changes between the two systems (plus the game runs at a different frame rate between the two).

Yeah I knew the new one runs at a better frame rate ( and of course the awesome f.o.v slider ) but I didn’t know that the 360 version would be emulated onto the Xbox one. I’ve never put a 360 disc into my one but that does make alot of sense thank you both for the clarification. That’s the first person I’ve talked to that was on the Xbox one and did not have the handsome collection.

I’d suggest you get used to that possibility. It was free for people with Gold last month so there is an influx of Xbox One users using the 360 version of the game.

FYI all backwards compatible games run inside a virtual 360. It’s actually pretty clever since it means MS doesn’t have to develop shims for each individual game, just verify that the digital package runs.

Right that is a good idea with them not having to do much to it. Yeah a few people told me that it was free on the Xbox live they’ll all just have to play with each other then I suppose.

I believe they can also play with folks still on 360.

Yes, you can,

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