Need some level 72 gear for mechromancer

Looking for some level 72 gear for the mechromancer, basic guns, shields, mods, anything really. Can trade any old level 61 and lower legendaries, pearls, or seraphs that I have. Just got back into playing this game and want to do the content I haven’t played yet but don’t yet possess the gear to do it. GT: ButtCl0wn (with a zero), send me a message please and thanks :slightly_smiling:

My Gaige is OP2 and has quite a bit of level 72 gear. I’m happy to help. Send me a message and I’ll try to accommodate when I get home.

GT: Kurtdawg13

I sent you a message, I’ll be back on around 6-7 pm est if you are on. Thanks

I replied already. :wink:

I have SmartGlass on my phone. I can message you from work.