Need some Montana help

I started playing Montana recently and I think I grasped how to play him, espicailly offensively but not so much defensively. If anyone could answer this questions I will be very thankfull:

  1. How do you utilize his DR from skills? I heard about people tanking sentries but whenever I try it ends bad…

  2. When do you use your Ult in terms of DR? At the start of a fight, or when you get low on HP?

  3. Is it a good idea to use Hailstrom and Ult at the same time for more DR or it is simply an overkill?

  4. What gear types and specific legendaries would you use for him? Does recoil reduction helps his accuracy or doesn’t have a big impact?

I’ve never played him but I’ve played against hundreds and read a lot.

  1. Idk. Sorry.
  2. People tend to use it when they’re halfway down. Enough to know you’ll need it but enough to last.
  3. I’ve yet to see many do this for some reason. I have heard of possible diminishing returns on DR so that may be a factor.
  4. Max health and healing recieved. And accuracy is not imported by recoiled reductuon, just how much your gun moves up when you shoot
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His ult is also often used for team fights, as for tanking the sentry is a late game thing often used in tandem with instant payback

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There isn’t a gear item that procs accuracy bonuses at the moment, so you’re kinda stuck with that one.

I actually have an Eldrid-style Montana gear loadout somewhere, giving +420 (blaze it) max health, +11 health regen per second (+15 when under 50% health), +5.5 damage resistance and +8% movement speed. It does completely remove my shield though. He’s hella tanky, but not much damage and he’s still spray-and-pray most of the time.

Tanks are generally the part of the team that the squishies quite literally hide behind to pop out and get kills - chances are you won’t end up with a lot of kills, but you’ll probably be racking up the assists.

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I use dash with the knock up helix choice, then while they are mid air I activate the ult. There’s almost 1k damage, then turn on hailstorm when suckas trying to run away from all that burst. Easy couple of kills.

I use his legendary(or green vest if you don’t have it.) I also use a purple skill with attack speed and a purple attack speed with a life +. I get about 500 extra health off gear and massive attack speed bonus.

  1. You want to pop his ult before you get to half-health. When you’re at half health, it’s time to get out of the fight so you can regen.
  2. See #1. It helps with escaping and tanking some damage, but you’re more likely to be focused playing Montana, so always keep an exit strategy in mind and be aware of your surroundings.
  3. I always go with The Cooler, so I generally pop Hailstorm as soon as it comes off of cooldown, or when my heat starts to creep past 50% or so. I also pop it after I pop his ult because you’re always going to be taking damage in a PVP match whenever the enemy has you in view.
  4. His legendary is perfect for him: extra health, attack speed, and lowered heat generation when above 85%. Even if you take Feeling the Burn, you should use his legendary because it’ll lengthen the amount of time you can fire before FtB kicks in. As for his other gear, I use a Veil Manipulator in PVE (shard gen and health regen), and an Oath of the Sustained (health regen and attack damage), but anything that provides extra health and/or health regen is a good idea. You can’t increase your shield recharge rate or get an overshield, so extra shielding is pretty much wasted outside of Swole Shield, but even that 540 shield will melt very quickly. Attack speed and damage are also good ones to look out for, but be careful of AS because it will cause you to generate heat faster.

You should only tank the Sentry provided the Thumper turret is down, you’re at full health and shield, Hailstorm and Mansformation aren’t on cooldown, and you’re not being focused on by two or more of the enemy team. To tank the sentry, just start firing at it when you have a clear shot, pop Hailstorm once your health gets around 80-85 percent, and pop Mansformation once you start losing health and you’re confident you’ll be able to kill the sentry without having to retreat. While you will get a lot of DR from Monty’s ult, it isn’t enough to save you if you’re 1/3 or less on health. If possible, either take potshots at the sentry to get its shield down or wait for your team to do it before you start tanking it because you’ll have a better chance of living through it.


Thank you all for answering! Just another quick question: what do you think of the vigilant power scouter legendary gear piece for Monatan? It gives a boost to critical hit damage, max health and a boost to attack damage for the next shot after a critical hit, which seems fitting for someone who is all about those criticals.

Sounds like a good gear piece but I honestly would just use his legendary (also if crits are what you want, get weather man helix and another helix/mutationwhere his accuracy increases with heat

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I play more of an offensive Montana. I’ll use Ult at about 50% if I’m surrounded, otherwise I don’t really use it until level 10.
I don’t notice much of a difference when I use both, and Hailstorm I mainly use to control heat. I will use it for DR if I feel the need of course.
Gear wise, I like his legendary, heat reduction and some nice health, and I find the Pacifier helps a lot. Anyone you hit has -10% attack damage and Montana can hit a lot of people at once, hahaha

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I tried the Pacifier, but switched over to a perfect roll Symbiotic Gauntlet instead. Having over 20% AD when combined with his legendary was too good to pass up. :dukecheese: I tried The Pacifier, but didn’t notice much difference with it. I may try it again.

I think the pacifier is a pretty solid choice and my pacifier is a low roll(whilst my symbiotic gauntlet is a max roll) Montana gives me a strange mentality with gauntlets… Not in love with adding a couple of points of damage on a single bullet. But the pacifier boosts my shields to over 600 at level 6 which I find to be amazing since I am always near cover to compensate for his stupid size. Add on the debuffing passive to tank more damage and it just fits my playstyle perfectly. Also the pacifier debuff provides a visual that can make hitting cloaked duders easier. I am basically a pendles worse nightmare

This is interesting, because I tend to play an Eldrid style Montana, sacrificing all of his shield for a HUGE amount of max health and regen. I have a near-perfect Symbiotic Gauntlet as well but at level 3 I have like 3000+ max health with around 10 health regen per second. Way too good to need a shield.


How much do you like the health regen on him? Once I started playing with the minigun heat accuracy at level 5 that’s what I took for the rest of my time playing him. either health regen option just doesn’t feel amazing. That health pool and size is much too large to not have a constant minimum 20 health regen on him for me to want to play with health regen and I feel like I have to sacrifice a lot in order to make that work. I would much rather act like an entrenched turret that punishes melees and close range when they think they can get into my grill

I generally take the Hot Blooded one (regen when minigun is hotter) because during combat, your minigun is much more likely to be near full heat even if you take The Cooler (which I do), and during combat is definitely when you need that regen as much as possible.

Goddamn, though, smacking Pendles into a wall with Lumberjack Dash and then annihilating him is just so much fun.