Need some moze build advies

I have built this build for my self but I can’t decide on either going for Forge or Short Fuse as my cap skill. I would like some advice on witch one I should go down.

Is this the blastmaster or Mine sweeper build?

I don’t know either of those builds but I know I’m a fan of VLADOF and TORGUE. I do also see I can play with TEDIORE since those use a lot of ammo and Moze can regenerate ammo.

What system do you play on? I’m a Moze main and would like to give you some stuff if possible

Xbox. Names is Cheshire S King.

But to answer you question… you build will have survivability issues endgame if you dont have a really good grenade mod that procs often. Something like the stormfront, Quasar, Hex will help with that.

Until then I would recommend SOR and Bottomless mags for leveling to 50. Then going Demo woman once you gatmed up gear.

Blastmaster class mode is: Demo Woman/BM
Bloodletter is : Demo woman/SOR

Those are the most powerful Moze builds currently and both need Vampyr to stay alive at the highest difficulty.

Best Capstones in order of usefulness: 1. Forge 2. Short Fuse 3. Tenacious Defense.

You’re build will be good for the first playthrough no prob… mayhem mode might be scary. I pick Forge.

Damn Im PC… I would have sent you some level 50 grenade mods and a spare legendary class mod.

Things to lookout for.

Bloodletter or blaster class mod.
Hex, stormfront, quarsar, firestorm grenades
Transformer, Frontloader shields… stopgap or Recharger if you’re not doing a low life build.
Deathless relic if you do want to do a 1 hp build.

Everything else is personal preference


If you get a Bloodletter, you can go 11/20/17. You don’t have to spam grenades. TVHM m3

Having an issue with my moze getting killed easily before I can start getting stacks. I do not have a deathless yet and I dont wanna spam grenades is that my issue?

??? I don’t know that you mean with those numbers