Need some OP help

I’m currently OP2 going for OP3 and keep getting killed by the same stupid rabid skag. I’ve just been doing solo runs seeing as my highest active friend is only at 57-59 ish. I’m a Legendary Commando although the mod is still 61, Guerilla and Survival based. I’m also looking for some OP2 legendaries.

Have a few to trade Unkempt harold, The Bee, The Sham, The Bitch, Pandemic not sure which one, Slagga, Flakker, Two fer Unforgiven, Legendary Scout mod, Volcano, and a few lvl 72 weapons off hand I know at least a lvl 72 Infinity non elemental, the bee, the negotiator, and a few legendaries grenade mods.
Also have some 51-61 legendaries and a ton of lvl 50 legendaries, but all in bank don’t know off hand.
My GT is PacDre88 if you wanna play or trade. I have SmartGlass as well so if I don’t reply message me.