Need some people to run through this game with

(jojorodriguez05) #1

I’m looking for some people to play through the Borderlands with me. I’m currently a level 34 Assassin and almost done with the main quest but I’ll get bored and go mess around with some DLC. If anyone would like to play my username here is my gamertag on PSN. If we can get a team of four and y’all want a fresh start we can start over it’s not a problem with me. Currently playing on ps3 because my ps4 was stolen. Just add me and we can for from there. (PSN: Strokasaurus-Rex)

(In Vino Veritas) #2

Hey @Strokasaurus-Rex, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your PS4, and I hope you find a good team for your new adventure.

You’ve added all the necessary info, and found the best section for it, but if I can make a suggestion;

It’s always best to add as much info as possible in the title while keeping it concise.

I.E. ‘Lv. 34 Assassin looking for run through or New 4p Game.’ Some times, people will be drawn to threads they may not usually look in to by a catching title alone. Great first post none the less, and I wish you the best of luck mate!

Happy Hunting!

(Yoshijoc) #3

Lvl 64 gunzerker here. Currently playing on UVHM farming savage lee for the harold