Need some specific gear

Hey if anyone is willing to trade a practicable slag slow hand, corrosive kitten, guileless hellfire, and a slag longbow quasar I’d appreciate it. I have some leflvel 61 legendaries I’d give away for them like the bitch, hornet, bouncing Bonnie, pandemic, and a couple of interfacers

Uh, what level ya looking for and I don’t think the quasar comes in slag. I think it’s shock only.

Oh Im sorry I thought there was maybe a slag quasar, my bad. But I’m looking for 72. I’m a 67 and can level myself to 72 in a couple days.

I have

71 apt hellfire
72 homing quasar with 0.5 fuse
72 slayer of terra mod for psycho, ( I saw you posted you’re playing as psycho so…)
72 hot kitten
op1 & op3 corrosive kitten

You can have any of these if you want them. By the way, the kitten is a quest reward so you can farm it for the one you want.