Need some stuff for a siren build

Hey guys I just got a couple DLC packs and it really opened me up to what I can use on my builds and I’ve looked a lot of stuff and and found that it’s really annoying to grind the items out, if you could help out I’m looking for lv50-72 Bones of the ancients, and a legendary binder mod, if you could help me that would be awesome

Thanks in advance

Can’t get a Binder until your 62 as that’s when UVHM Pack 2 kicks in. You’ll get the BotA relics easy enough, just keep killing those loot midgets.

I have a level 72 leg. binder com you can have. Just sitting in my vault collecting dust right now cause I never use it. My online ID is BackOffoRDie. Just message me, and let me know you want the com whenever you get the chance.

So it would appear that for this build I also need a Blockade shield I think it’s called, and the only things that drop it are the ancient dragons, could I get a bit of help with that too? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I don’t think I can take that on yet

Add me ive got loads for maya : calebismybro

I have blockades too :slight_smile:

My favorite shield even beats out the grounded or blastproof bee in my opinion