Need some suggestion(regarding recoil reduction on hyperion gun)

I recently bought BL:TPS+season pass and having blast playing.I read that increasing bad ass ranking on recoil reduction actually makes hyperion gun less useful,is it true?i currently have 2.8% recoil reduction on BAR,should i worry about it and stop putting points on recoil reduction?
Please help i am confused.

sorry for my bad english guys its not my native language and ty for your help.

only a bit less usefull. most guns, like the fatale, new hyperion pistols, etc wont be effected too badly, and if your using old hyperion you deserve the recoil. secondly, if your using primarily hyperion your probably using jack, so your accuracy will be enough before to start shooting.

get the recoil thing.

So it will be ok to put bar point in recoil reduction?Btw i am not playing a specific character i am trying various build.Currently i have lvl 33 athena and working toward wilhelm at lvl13.

It’s a fairly useless skill. Dont go out of your way to put points into it, but don’t deliberately avoid it.