Need someone to play with (Xbox 1)

Looking for a running partner I’m level 14 at the the moment

Hey I’m a level 14. If your still looking for someone message me. turtle powers


Bltps. I’ll also play bl2, however nothing got saved so I’m only a lvl 1.

ArrowheadAddict is my gamertag

You can add me if you want to play. My gamertag is ShadyMan OG

Add me shappmaster im looking to start from scratch

Wanna start a new one on bl2? I converted from ps3 so i have nothing on there

I’ve got a Zer0 I need to level. Message: zapidy zapper

Anybody on right at this moment

Yeah, I’m on now

mikesavelkoul is my GT

I love Borderlands, feel free to add me. As long as you don’t mod I’m there.
SSJ Ltn Tweak

Yes mate gt woodinghal

I’m a lvl 3 in bltps but lvl 72 in bl2 looking to play bltps

Gt is EliteStorm65