Need someone to power level from 50 - 72

If someone wouldn’t mind, I need someone to level me up from 50 - 72. I have just started UVHM and don’t have the best of gear. Help leveling up would be much appreciated. I have a PS3 and My PSN is: OblivioNinja88

I will be glad to help you level up and finish UVHM if it’s not too late. But what days are you active because i maybe will be able able to go on Monday-Friday but rarely.On the weekends i am active so maybe if we work out a schedule that would be great.I will also be glad to trade you any legendary items i have.

PSN: DarkBlader41

Thanks man, I’ll add you and Friday or Saturday would work for me, just let me know when you can and we can. Thank you very much :smile:

I sent you a request, response next time you’re on if you please. And hopefully we can sooner rather than later lol

Okay i think both days will work same as of Sunday and i will accept your request in about and hour or so. And you shouldn’t be thanking me i should be thanking you! I really look forward to this! :smile:

i can powerlevel u if u still need

It would be appreciated but I think I’ve gotten it taken care of. If you want to help you can help me get another one of my characters leveled up. If you don’t want to its no worries lol

yeah sure ill add you my name is really weird

Hey guys I am also looking for help get up some levels on boarderlands 2 I’m currently at lvl 51 just finished the true vault hunter mode would it be possible to join you guys ?

What time zone are you guys in ?

PSN : Antisober552

I would be most happy to help you out too i will message you on PSN when im ready. Currently i am in the Pacific Time Zone.

PSN: DarkBlader41

Ok I will be on in a bit, I can’t thank you enough

Alright i will be on in about 10-20 min so just wait for a while.Thank you!
UPDATE: Now in 1 min! :smile:

PSN: DarkBlader41