Need someone to powerlevel me please

Can anyone powerlevel my Wilhelm to seventy? Enemies not giving much Exp and I’ve run out of missions to do (Other then the dlc ones but I want to save those for UVHM) GT: Sabre747

the mission to hold on to farm for XP is “Capture a Guardian Wraith” (this is the one mission I always advice to never finish, so that XP can be ground along with a good 1 to 2 dozen BA challenges). And even then 70 will take a long time (and a whole lot of XP) to get there. It takes me about 2 Hours to power level someone from 1 to 50 using that mission, from that point to 70, I believe would take another 4 to 5 hours at least

One of my friends powerleveled me to 50 already so Ill try doing the mission today and try to get to 60