Need something?

If you need something (guns, money , anything) just pm me with your PSN and info on what you want -

  • level of gun/shield/grenade
  • how much money/tokens
    And additional stuff.

Add me if you can help get 2 of my characters to op8 and your on ps3

I cant play today it will have to be tomorrow. Also you think you can handle beating the op7 peak with my 2 character being useless?

Couldn’t hurt to try. I have op8 weapons and stuff so its possible

Well the best way to do it is since there lvl 72 beat the op0 peak than move to the op1 peak and so on than once you beat the op7 peak I’ll be op. I guess I canary you in op8 guns if I have 1 u need.

How are you planning to give people “tokens”, may I ask?

Moonstones* and farming I guess.

Moonstones aren’t transferable, so I guess what I’m driving at is it seems like there might be some things happening behind the scenes that we don’t allow to be discussed/arranged on the forums. Maybe I’m misunderstanding though? Let me know.

@BL-HELP: Moonstones = wrong game.

That’s a good point too.

@JoeKGBX If he is talking “Borderlands 2”, then he probably means ‘unique currency’ – in this case, E-bars/Seraph Crystals/Torgue Tokens.

@BL-HELP Are you talking about B2, or TPS?

My point is that there’s no legit way to drop those currencies for people in-game, so in that sense, the game is irrelevant.

@JoeKGBX I know, and I’m not arguing. I was trying to get clarification about which game he’s talking about.

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No worries, I didn’t take it as you arguing. I was just clarifying. :slightly_smiling:

Sorry for the misunderstanding man. I mean in a farming way… like farming for legendary weapons? Keep killing bosses for moonstones or weapons

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Ok, all good. Just making sure! :slightly_smiling:

It’s alright man. If you play then it would be cool to do some boss fights sometime? Always looking for people to game with. :+1: