Need Speed Leveling with big reward

Well, i finally got all DLC’s but…i don’t want to level up to 72 alone again. I want myself a high-leveled Gaige so…could anyone Speed-Level me, please?
As little reward, i will give everyone who helps me, an OP8 Evisceration Grog Nozzle (It’s not modded, it was claimed legitimately at the 100.000$ Loot hunt!!)
I also have some other OP8 Stuff.
My PSN: FreestylerUndSo
(no headset)

Hey man I can totally get you up to 72 if you still need the help.

Yup. I was getting my Zerker to OP8 the last days. I just spent 30 minutes with my Mechro i guess. She’s lvl 12 now so the way to 72 will be loooong

I’ll get you to 72 if needed

Yeah i still need the help. I went on doing stuff with my Gunzerker and did nothing for my Gaige. So it would be really helpful :3

I’ll have time later on today or at least tomorrow. I’m out for some hours now so, nyeh

Just pm ninja boosting to my psn