Need step by step instructions to get my character save from my xbox360 hard drive onto the cloud storage

I need help. I have downloaded the backward compatible version on my Xbox 1. I cannot choose to upload my level 52 siren. When I chose “cloud save games” I can only upload my current lvl 10 siren and a warning says I will overwrite my lvl 52 one? How can I just use my old character? All dlc is downloaded on my Xbox 1. Why can I overwrite a save I can’t load??please help anyone!! Also when I try to select character it only has my new one I created. Thank you

To clarify you need to turn on cloud saves on your console, not on Borderlands 2. The upload/download feature is to transfer between the 360 version and the Handsome Collection version.

To do upload to the cloud via xbox 360, i’ll write you a step by step guide:

On your xbox 360, sign in to your account.

Navigate over to the settings tab, on the far right of your home screen.

Select System - Storage. Now you should see two options, Hard Drive and Cloud Saves.

Highlight cloud saves and press Y, to open the device options. On the next part you should see ‘Enable’ and ‘Disable’. Clearly you want to select Enable.

Once it is set up, you then need to copy your saves from the Hard Drive to the Cloud. To do this:

System - Storage - Hard Drive - Games and Apps

Navigate to Borderlands 2, find the saves you want to upload to the cloud. Press A on any save you want to upload, select Copy (this will also keep the save on the Hard Drive), and on the screen that pops up, select Cloud Saves.

Once you have done this for all the saves you want to upload to the 360 version on Xbox One, switch over to the Xbox One and load up Backwards Compatible Borderlands 2. During the loading sequence, when you have to press Start, it will sync any saves you have in the cloud, and place them on your xbox one storage.

I hope this helps.


Ive done this step by step but it still does not show up my saves on xbox one. It tells me No online save game found. I checked on 360 and it shows all my uploads.