Need story mode help <Advanced>

my psn is Iron_skull96
need help on story mode advanced. i can run

Shayne & Aurox and Thorn pretty well, better as Shayne tho. need a ranged attacker and a healer. any help is appreciated. many thanks!!!

I main Whiskey Foxtrot with a Sniper/Minion Clearing build. However, I can also play AOE Oscar Mike, Fire Montana, and General Support Reyna.

My psn is LinearSpixx. Add me if you need me!

Hi, i’m also looking for People to Play advanced or normal/advanced hardcore. If you want add me psn: TheDeadMaker
But if adding me please write in the comments that you play battleborn; -)
I’m from Germany but my english should be fine. Also got a mic to talk with you guys.
Best Regards

My PSN is Unsham3d i play Miko and Thorn looking to do more advanced story for gold and diamond ranks possibly move into advanced hardcore.

Add me, I almost always play a healer because that’s what I enjoy.

PSN Yummybear222