Need support planning

(merqchaos1) #1

I am planning on doing a community borderlands event. I have some details save and some ideas. I am looking for another person or two. You will help plan and host the event. If you are interested or want more information you can join my discord I made for the event(name will change) Thank you guys for taking the time to read my post.


What kind of community event?

(merqchaos1) #3

I was thinking teams of 2-4 play from op0 to op8. And then do most of the raid bosses. I have some rules and guidelines I came up with to try and keep it fair. Basically team that does it the fastest would win and I’m currently working on prizes/prize pool for it.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #4

Good Luck Buddy. @Fakeengineer planned something similar but it did not gain any traction, since you need a great amount of followers for it to sell.

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To add to what @nat_zero_six said, I find these kinds of events to be rather tedious due to requiring others to be around at the same time as you, etc. Better if you came up with something that wouldn’t limit people based on the availability of others.

(merqchaos1) #6

Thanks for the input guys. Yeah I was in his stream one day and we were talking about it, that’s where I got the idea. I’m thinking maybe borderlands 3 will be a better bet since more players should be around.

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There’s a certain amount of event burnout - at least on this forum. Some of us have been doing back to back projects, competitions and the like over the last year or two. We’ve for the most part gone into hibernation but are ready to jump out for BL3.

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Yes, very much what Jefe said. I used to think I craved challenge runs, but in fact they actually broke the fun for me. Since I started a new Zer0 with no rules aside from have fun, i’ve been enjoying it much more again. Now, bring me BL3 and things will change. Once i’ve done my first couple of playthroughs, that is :slight_smile: