Need teamates to help with last story mission (pc)

im working my way through the story and cannot find teammates to help.
please add me InhumaneHunter.
manage to get through vault but get destroyed on boss fight. need players to support and tank.

Steam id link:

I can’t help you personally but I’d reccomend Marquis or Thorn for doing this. Take regen and extra health, maybe sprint speed

thanks, but ive tried a few combos for solo. but i just cant manage to finish the boss fight, its a clusterf*ck

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Uhhh. Maybe @Rivaire still plays
They may be able to help. Maybe

any help would be perfect, just want to complete the final story mission so that i can then just farm the older missions for credits and xp. the other missions were simple enough solo.
but then reaching the final i tried so far, and got so far but in the end it didnt even matter. i got F*cked

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i’m quite busy with exams, but i’ll just add you if you want to play sometimes. Maybe i’ll find time soon while you still need the mission. my steam id is Lehonay :slight_smile:

thanks, tbh im online at least once every other day

Moved to the PC online section.

thanks :slight_smile: