Need the best dpuh build for soloing raid bosses

hi i was wondering what the best dpuh build would be lvl 50

i use:
dpuh i have 2
sheriffs badge
bee ( what else could i use instead?)
using a class mod for pistol damage purple

i am not sure what to do for the skill tree and am currently using one made for infinity pistol

DPUH builds are for mobbing, not for raiding, it’s a waste of time. There are many great raiding builds you could use instead.

If you still want to use a DPUH for raiding, here’s what I would use:

The Bee is really bad on Salvador, especially if you plan to use the Harold. Slow bullets and wide spread means you will have to get close to your opponent, meaning it will always be down and provide no bonus.

You’re better off with a shield that still grants its special effect when its down. Contenders would be:

  • Any Adaptive shield (including the Neo and Evo)
  • The Rough rider
  • The FotFirehawk is a very nice fit for Salvador (and probably the best choice here IMO)

depending on the boss you plan to fight, I would suggest you get a bouncing betty in slag, to get a constant source of slag handy (I also hope your rubi is slag)

Rubi + DPUH
not DPUH x2
…if you want to stay alive

When I suggested a renegade class mod, it was for general gameplay.
While raiding, a Monk or Raider COM that boosts Money shot is more efficient

Sheriff’s badge is the right choice, keep that.

If you ever get past level 50, I suggest you have a look at Sljm’s Salvador build: it’s the gold standard for Harold builds, and also the best raiding build there is.


what gear do you recommend for pyro pete and hyperious?

I usually use the Pimpernel/Rocket launcher trick

Otherwise, if you feel like it’s a cheap trick, my own Deputy build might be the next best thing

Sljm’s build: [Build] Salvador

Mine: [Build] Deputy Sal

what rocket launcher do you recommend. i have a lvl 45 badaboom, but i can get a lvl 50 obe if needed.

a level 50 RL would be nearly mandatory
(raiding is more serious than mobbing, you can’t get away with sub-par gear anymore)

A Duuurp with as large a mag size as possible would be the best choice.
You really should read Sljm’s build, he provides all the details on how this trick works and why a big mag size is important.

You’ll also need a Pimpernel, preferably in slag

ok and im going to read his build soon. i may also try yours as it seems very good

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thankyou for all your help.

you may see quite a few questions from me as i dont have any close friends who i can ask and i have no one to play with since im on ps3 and their all on pc

No problems, that’s what this forum is for :wink:


I second what Chuck said! I use Sljims build exclusively. In fact I mainly use the Pimp/RL for everything, but using the Harold/Grog (I use a rubi) is great for certain places, its quicker and easier to shoot handguns vice the Pimp. The Pimp/RL works great for ALL bosses, in fact they are silly easy on any difficulty (OP5) so far. The only thing that makes a difference on what the level stats are really is the RL, if you cant get a perfect one from the post, a few tweaks will do. You just gotta pay attention to the parts, and get parts that dont hurt what you are trying to do. I think it says stay away from Maliwan parts, they do make a mess of the speed. Try farming the Torgue machines in the Torgue dlc, its the best place to find them. Also you dont need a new one every level, as long as you are killing stuff quickly the RL is good :slight_smile:

I think Chuck’s Deputy Build is the best I’ve come across. I run with a hybrid style of sorts. I use @Sljm RL/Pimp as well as @Chuck80 Deputy Build(Grog/ROM). first weapon set for gunzerking is Grog/ROM and the second set would be RL/Pimp for that extra “Umph” when needed. :wink: