Need the finest hero's on the internet to quest with

xbox live flintbeastwood if your an ass don’t even ask to play nice folk’s and hero’s only in this party

Flintbeastwoody I forgot the y sorry

What are you looking to play…?

Borderlands tps for now

360 or X1? I ask because this isnt the right place for this. But I’ll move it there after you let me know which platform exactly.

Xbox one what do you mean not the right place for this I don’t get this computer crap

There are lots of different sections of this forum all of which serve a different purpose. From Loot chat, to sections specifying in a particular character and online play and trading which is where one would find others to play with. Which is where Ive moved your thread.

OK I’ll sit back and wait for people to join the quest you part of the company or just moving me around to help out

I was just moving you to get you more help more quickly. Sorry I can’t join you myself. Happy looting though!

Alright bey

No one

give it time, the community is a little light here, but there are good peeps. you may want to post the times you are usually on and time zone.

You want to join the finestbandof hero’s ya or na it could be awesome fun or well hate each other

Like the poster above stated, it would be very helpful if you posted your time region, which times you’re on and what lvl of character you’re using or hoping to attract. I mean, if you’re lvl 60, someone that’s only got a lvl 5 character isn’t going to be much help, the same goes for people who are in bed when you’re wanting to game due to time differences.