Need thoughs on my solo build

I have been working on a tree skill build that allows me to be a great crit master but also that my pet is useful as either a tank and do damage. Tell me what you think.

Not sure without knowing the gear you rock. Mind posting it? Aside from that I would suggest maybe putting one point into He Bites! and 2-3 points in Headcount. But still need to judge by gear.

Its either pet build or crit master Fl4k. You can’t really get both as investing into pet makes Fl4k losing damage overall.

imo Purple tree is not worth it at all outside of pet builds/Snare centered builds.

I’d dump this tree to :

  1. Get 5/5 in Hidden Machine. It’s amazing with Fade Away.
  2. 3/3 Headcount is also a must have
  3. He bites makes pet reflect damage, which stacks Frenzy. So 1 point into He Bites, rest into Frenzy.

Also, 5/5 into Rage and Recover + Self Repairing system is too much imo. 2/5 RaR is more than enough. When you mob, Until You Are Dead augment + Rage and Recover allow good regen. Unblinking Eye in mobbing is overkill, you will mostly need it for bosses.

my man hates reload speed with passion

Ok, I see. Well then, I have to ask, are Pet builds good nowadays because My Zane is already built as a speedy crit kind of guy, so having the same two plays seems to reduce.

It works. It isn’t on the level of Bear or Clone, but you won’t struggle to clear any content except for PsychoReaver.

As for the spec, if you don’t want to take Fuzzy Math, your shield should be a Rico, Red Suit, or Brawler Ward. Also, you really aren’t going to have a smooth experience trying to combine Fade Away with pet stuff. If you don’t want to use Red Fang Gamma Burst, then you’re not going to get good use out of the pet.

It’s me again. Been working on FL4K, and I think I came up with something interested that would allow FL4K and his pet to do good damage. However, I do have a few questions. When you Dominance an enemy, do there count as a pet, and how survivable is FL4K’s pet if he doesn’t have a shield?

There is no difference in the pet’s survivability between having a shield and not having one. The pet has millions of health, a shield goes up to maybe 200k at best. The pet also lifesteals off of your damage.

No, they are just a regular enemy that happens to be shooting other enemies.

What gear do you plan on using with this build?

Thanks, Seeing that, I guess there is no need to go down the purple tree since it is just mostly defance. Well, for guns, mostly Jacoks guns, as there do the most damage per shot, and let face it, he was built for the sniper build. I don’t have anything in mind for shields, and for Classmods, a few come to mind. Bounty Hunter for bosses, Cosmic Stalker seems like a nice fit since I have just about all the hunter skills. Dead Eye seems good, Friend-Bot for when my pet goes down you know just switch it in and out. R4kk P4k for when I want to use the Rekk skill and Red Fang for when using Gammer Burst. Here is a new one I just made so now I can use all three of FL4K skills.