Need thoughts on which Iron Bear build I should go with and any changes that can be made

As the title said I need to decide on which Bear build would be better. The first one is focus the most on Iron Bear while the second one buffs Moze a bit more. I would like to be able to use Iron cub or pilot it when ever I want.

What sort of Moze based approach were you going to take? Also what class mod and artifact?
If I’m not mistaken specialist bear is 60% damage not 25% so that may change your points in other areas.
My current IB build with Cryo does plenty of damage already without having to invest more in the purple tree damage areas. Or did you do this to get the Nitro engines?

The second one is similar to my own Moze build. It’s optimized for infantry, but cub can be swapped out for bear at will.

I’ll post my tree later when I can load it up (haven’t played in a bit), but off the top of my head you can definitely pull points out of Biofuel. Put 3 (at least 1) into Big Surplus, and the remainder elsewhere. Biofuel is a nice way to get some HP regen in the mix without relying on Vampyr & Redistribution… except you do already have both of those. You’re not just trying to advance down purple, so that’s an unnecessary redundancy.