Need tips for OP levels

Currently an OP 5 gunzerker. Looking to try and get myself to 8 eventually. Does anyone have any tips as to what gear they prefer to farm for before they do digi with their gunzerker? Or does anyone have a setup that they like to use throughout all 8 runs?


Harold, Grog, rough rider shield and a chain lightning grenade for health while your on cooldown. All are easily farmablle, except Grog (just don’t turn mission in).
Click on link below:


These may also help you on your journey.


Deputy build, level 72 guns, upgrade your adaptive shield every few levels (OMG was kind enough to help with the last two such upgrades).

Technically I’ve only gotten to OP7 this way :slight_smile: , but that’s just a matter of player burnout (mostly playing other games these days). It’s been a pretty straightforward ride through the Peak and I’m sure Sal can handle the run to unlock OP8 without any changes.

Edit: FYI, an important discovery a few months ago was that shooting the site of a Jack cutout will proc Get Some. Obviously the Jack cutout itself would, but now you can just keep shooting the Grog (or Rubi, or whatever - I think it required splash damage, since the ROM didn’t work for this) at the ground where the cutout stood and get your zerk back faster. I consider the “Peak variant” of the Deputy build obsolete with this information.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply. Really appreciate it!

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I was not aware of this :slight_smile: That’S good news. I wonder if it works with any destructible objects.

I don’t think it makes the peak variant obsolete however as the problem is not the wait times between areas, it’s being stuck in the middle of a fight out of gunzerk. You usually don’t have the luxury to stand there shooting an inanimate object during those times. And even if you did, you could still be shooting at whatever is attacking you anyway.


I’m the one who discovered this. Nothing else on the Peak will do this, but other objects in different maps will work. For instance:


Main hand: Creamer(highest magsize possible)
Off hand: pimpernel(i believe people suggest slag, can’t remember it’s been 1 1/2 years)
Money shot: 5/5
Chaotic evil monk class mod: +6 to money shot
@DeputyChuck can tell if I’m missing anything important

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What’s the peak variant?

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Deputy thread, subsection under Bus Version. It’s the variant with I’m Ready Already.

I don’t find it necessary. The times when I’ve been caught zerkless often allow hiding in a place where one can shoot a Jack-cutout-spot (Doc Mercy area, particularly) so down time is survivable without IRR. It would have helped that run where I ran out in the middle of the assassin arena (that was either while waiting for the spidertank to finish spawning, or waiting for Rouf and Oney to finish spawning after dealing with the spidertank). Still, I survived that, so IRR wasn’t necessary even then. :slight_smile:


That’s pretty much it if you want to run maps with it. If you are using that setup only to kill bosses, the Duuurp is a better choice than the creamer as it has higher damage and slower pellets (but lacks healing)

Replace the chaotic evil monk with a true neutral to get your rocket launcher’s mag size closer to 12 to get max money shot bonus.

An explosive relic is also a good addition.

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Basically I move the points from divergent likeness to I’m ready already in the peak. Not necessary per se but it makes the runs a bit easier in general.

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I suggested the creamer, becuase i assumed they needed advice for running the peak. You’re right about everything else tho

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If you’re matching elements the Norfleet actually does more damage than any other launcher. And the Ahab does more damage than the Duuurp. So just putting that out there unless the slower pellets are that important in the end.

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they are. If half your damage potential flies off you haven’t gained anything. The Duuurp’s speed makes the pimp bloom very narrow and predictable.

As for the damage, I would have to check the maths, but I’ll take you word for it in both cases. How big a mag size can you get on the Ahab ? (can you get to 12 mag size ?) I’m pretty sure the Ahab can’t get as high as the Duuurp with but a marginal increase in raw damage, it should perform worse.

In any case, it might be a bit more damage, but the pellet arc is more important. IMO


Not very low ago I tested the Pimpernel’s pellet spread when used with a Duuurp vs Creamer, Tunguska, Ahab, Nukem,etc.

When shooting the ground about 10 feet from you the Duurp-affected pellets travel approximately a third the distance.


going back to the original question, I unlocked OP8 solo with only OP2 or lower gear (except my shield which was at-level) using a Deputy Setup and a RL/pimp backup (mostly for Saturns). I did that on console while being a very mediocre player.

So… I can tell you that it works pretty well. :stuck_out_tongue:

It does reduce it quite a lot. But the Pimp with the other 2 is quite comparable to the speed of a normal Pimp. So if you hit the crotch area you’ll hit all the pellets 9 times out of 10. Animals are a different story.

I can get an Ahab up to an 11 mag, but running it with an 8 mag and an explosive relic results in more damage.

The Druuup gets a 12 mag with the explosive relic, but it does less damage like I said.

  • But the arc is probably preferable during mobbing since you do so much damage already. But ultimately I think I’d prefer the Creamer’s life steal.
  • And for most bosses the Norfleet is much more preferred to get those fast kills. With Vora being the exception.

Also the Pimp’s splash doesn’t do all the much damage, as it isn’t boosted by MS. If that’s the reason you preferred the slower pellet speed.

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The Ahab got boosted in the loot hunt right ?
It would have to have more than 50% more base damage than the Duuurp to catch up if that’s the case.
Like I said, I believe you on the maths here, The Duuurp is my pick because of the arc.

If I was using it to mob, I would also pick the creamer, but I keep that thing for bosses personally.

I don’t understand what you mean there.
The child projectiles of the Pimp are what gets the bonus.

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I don’t know man.
How much faster does it need to be ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d pick the Ahab before the Norfleet if I had to change, so that I can have just 1 RL for all the game’s bosses. Unless my goal was to place in time trials or something.