Need Tips On Playing More Offensively, Please

Hey guys.

You guys who play with me know that my playstyle tends to lean towards support, wave clear, softening up, and development, even if im playing with the most offence oriented characters that exist.

I’ll always have tons of assists and buildables and minions, but my kills rarely go above the high single digits.

Obviously, I have ingrained supportive habits into my playstyle.

I’m striving for Worthy of Song / Angel of Death but it seems like every time I try to play more aggressively, I just die a bunch more.

Any tips / advice?

Thanks in advance.

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The key to being aggressive is not doing the one thing that all aggressive players feel inclined to do: Dive. Only certain characters, Mellka, Caldarius, Benedict, Deande, and maybe a few others, can successfully dive and come out alive with a kill. For the most part, aggression in Battleborn is about holding position but breaking off and pushing forward in short bursts, challenging enemies to either stay and fight or forcing them to run, but if they run you should never chase the kill unless you know (or are VERY confident) that you can secure the kill and return safely, there’s no sense in losing your life for nothing and giving away free XP.

Most engagements in BB are about position, and more than half of kills will be determined by that one factor alone, if you’re out of position pushing into the enemy lines you will die, however if both you and your opponent are out of position then the duel begins and there are so many variables to factor in, player skill being the most important one. The second most important factor is timing, knowing when to advance and when to retreat simply comes with experience, trial and error.


I’ve said this before but confidence. Expect the kills. You’re simply doing what’s already there. If you expect it to be risky, it will become so. Plan on winning. If you don’t, escape and reorient


@epicender584 @Slif_One

Thanks, guys.

Damn Epic you’re wise beyond your years, Sensei.

Any tips specifically for Orendi / Gali? My new Two favourite offensive mains?

More so Orendi, playing her 90 percent of the time right now.

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Orendi must never be on the front line, unless she’s diving in to drop a Shadowfire Pillar and Nullify out. If there’s nobody between Orendi and the enemy, she will die. Always focus minion waves, even if there’s a low health enemy nearby they are not Orendi’s priority, ever. Besides, chances are you’ll hit enemies with residual damage from Shadowfire Pillars while wave clearing and get the occasional accidental kill. Orendi’s early-game is slow, but her mid-late game is huge, power level as much as possible and outlevel the opposing team, clear and build constantly, no matter what map or mode you always build Orendi for Pillarstorm and anticipate that you will get there.

If you die early and often as Orendi, her game is over. Her impact on a match relies solely on her ability to level faster than anyone else and only a handful of Battleborn such as Kleese, Ernest and Kid Ultra can match her pace. A bad Orendi will feed, a good Orendi will carry. All of that aside, you need to learn to place those Shadowfire Pillars and anticipate enemy movements so you can place a Pillar in the path of where they’re going, not where they are.



Thanks man!

I’m damn decent as her.

Good at leveling / building too, I got asked by a few team mates over the weekend how I was leveling so fast.

I’ve been running zero cost shard gen with Bolas / Voxis (well, in Incursion and Meltdown), but I played today against a DEVASTATING triple leggy Orendi and I’ve also had success just running 3 epic’s ficusing on Attack speed / sjill damage / cooldown / Attack damage.

What do you recommend?

Zero shard cost and bolas/voxis is exactly what I use as my load out for Orendi. If you’re dying too much then its because you don’t have enough situation awareness.

With orendi, slif is right about the only time you should frontline and that is when you have an escape move ready.

Dont linger around the field with low health. I know this may sound simple, but I can’t stress this enough.

I know a lot of people like to start off as aggressive , but wait for minions to give you that overshield . you should be pushing up with them. At the very beginning in incursion,everyone likes to do a team death match. You should wait till they bunch up and use your pillar.

I would have to play a match with you someday to critique you. Or if you have any videos that’ll show me your play style.


git gud



Nooooo you

Proud owner of Angel of Death here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).



We played together for many hours yesterday.

Any honest tips / critiques?

I don’t know much about your play style so I can’t offer a lot. All I can really say is if you want WoS, put your literal blood, soul, and sweat into learning Benedict.

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In your experience, what all is it that really good Benny players do to secure big kill counts with him?

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Press Hawkeye and then hold down the R2.


Okay, from my few games I’ve played with you I’ll make my observation. It comes down mainly to tactics and mentality in my experience(especially as benny)

If your team has lane control(incursion is the example I’ll use) then focus less on the waves and prioritize players more(if you’re playing with a premade trust your team mates to not let minions just waltz through unless someone signals a problem)

If you’re playing Benedict the “basic bitch” loadout is a free shard generator, symbiotic gauntlet, and his lore legendary. At level 6 anything hit by hawkeye is having a bad week.


Play Benedict. Seriously, you were there during the Bird Hunt, I’d never played him before then. There’s no secret, just be Benedict, when an assassin would normally dive for the kill Benedict uses Hawkeye. Kill confirmed. Stay mobile, double jump, fly, whatever you need to do to keep moving, just don’t stand still and you’ll be good.

As for Orendi I agree with Shadow, shard generator, Bola’s Target Finder, Voxis Core, that’s my Incursion set. I prefer to run a wrench on Outskirts as you wont often get enough enemies in lane to bounce damage with Voxis Core and building the shock turrets is really important for quick leveling, but Bola’s Target Finder is integral to a Pillarstorm setup. On Capture and Face Off I run a shard generator and wrench for building and white skill damage gear to compensate for less shards and quicker matches. You’ve seen me run Orendi, I’m a rubbish Benedict he’s just wildly OP but I’m a mean Orendi, she’s my suggestion for WoS honestly but that’s probably just my bias and my own skill set.

Even with a premade I can’t will myself to do this lol, I HAVE to clear the minion wave, it’s ingrained in me by now, but I will kill anyone who gets in my way and interferes with my wave clear. I play a particularly territorial Ambra, I’ll be the most passive player on the field until someone enters my lane, I love Ambra on Outskirts especially.



Spam Hawkeye, get good at aiming and leading his regular rockets, know when to use Boomsday, take advantage of his mobility, go for helix RLLRRRRRM, and use Symbiotic Gauntlet and Bola’s Target Finder plus shard regen for gear. The rest just comes down to practice.


When you can finish the kill but you don’t have Hawkeye, basically. I love the point-blank Boomsday on the cocky melee assassins, they slow you and think they’ve won then you aint missing this shot and they explode. Bliss.


That’s actually how I primarily use boomesday. It’s fantastic damage and damn near unmissable up close versus melee that think they can win the 1v1 after you miss a few rockets and liftoff is on cooldown. It’s pretty much the best against a pendles. If pendles likes to wait til about 2/3 of his health is left it’s basically an auto kill on him


Tell me I’m wrong though about that bad week comment, and you kill EVERYTHING in the lane that isn’t your ally…hell sometimes I think you’d waste an ally or 2 just for a laugh…