Need to be fixed : Redistribution and Means of destruction

Lets accept recurring hex is over to regen ammo. ( to me its clear they dont want hex to be considered as splash dmg anymore ).

It was OP I Agree, especially if you had 30% aoe and nade dmg on mod and artifact while using Blast master mod +100% aoe dmg.
You could litterally farm Massacre MH 3 with 4 players just by spamming infinite recurring hex radioactive one, which was far too OP, we can all agree on this.

Redistribution :

So I started looking for others nades, and i think nade like cloning rubber tracker or any nade non hex, when they explode should trigger Redistribution ( regen 5% mag when moze do a critic ) .

Today it doesnt work., why ? since they exeplode and they can critical to.
To me its broken, any explosion coming from weapon or nade or anything that explode and do a critical should be able to trigger it.

Means of destruction :

Any splash damage should trigger the thing, hex isnt considered as splash damage anymore so i unerstand why it doesnt work.
Again I tried a lot of nade, the best i found so far is a cloning rubber tracker ( split in 2 then each one can explode 5 times ), and it litterayl explode since if im close i die… so it is splash damage.
So what the heck they cannot trigger Means of destruction ?
To me its broken.

I think while trying to fix, hex stuff they litterally ■■■■■■ all nades , because non hex nade should be consiered as splash damage.

Yep they broke all moze regen. I cant get any of her regen skills to proc anymore.

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I thought Redistribution only works with gun damage, cause I’m still regenerating ammo every time I shoot badasses in the face.

Pretty sure Redistribution has always worked with grenade crits, and continues to.

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It does. That’s why I still actually prefer my Rec Rad Hex, despite the recent changes. Even though the DOT damage isn’t considered splash damage anymore, the crits still trigger Redistribution(and Exp. munitions for that matter), so that gets ammo regen rolling. Then I use splash guns to keep my Grenade regen going. Note that the impact damage from Hex can still trigger made regen.

I think this game play loop works great,bus more engaging than pre-nerf Hex and is likely what Gbx’s vision originally was for the play style.

I agree, with the caveat that I don’t think Gearbox intended for Redistribution to be required for that loop.

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I have yet to try my Hex with Moze as I finished leveling her after all these patches and hotfixes. I’ve been using Big Boom Blaster and Bouncing Pair which has worked wonderfully for ammo regen and straight damage (not to mention it’s a beautiful thing with the right rocket launcher). And I will also add that I was seeing Redistribution proc off grenade critical hits as well. The only thing to know when using Bouncing Pair is that you want to throw them from a little distance as they can easily come back to hit you as well.

Thing is, I don’t rely on Hex grenades. I just shoot bullets nonstop and occasionally throw my Atlas grenades.

You are right, it’s very possible Redistribute is not intended to trigger if DOT grenades(sorry, this new Beam Grenade don’t work for me :rofl:). I’m also having fun trying a lot of purple grenades.

Overall though, the main thing I’m disappointed with about Moze design is that she has all of her survival eggs in one basket.

What I mean is Axton for example is IMHO far better designed with many skills that that lead to survival, like Pressure, Quick Charge, Ready, Able, Willing.

Granted, Mozes singular skill Vampyr is good, I just wish she has another smaller health regen and maybe better sheild recharge delay and shield regen skills.

I’m rambling and bambling though my brotha.


Some of Axton skills would fit Moze like a glove, as he was meant to tank with a shield too.

The problem with Moze is that her “best” shield setup is the Bloodletter/Deathless and its penalties make two skills unviable already: Behind the Iron Curtain and Tenacious defense.
You sure can go down SoR without specing Thin Red Line and Desperate Measures, but you lose 99% gun damage and there is no COM to directly support the playstyle like the Bloodletter.
Or could be one COM eager to be discovered. Maybe a +5 skills COM just waiting to be abused.

But in the end, we can still use transfusion grenades and Moxxi guns to get health back and not tie ALL survivability to one skill only. Like, If we go back to BL2 Gaige had no real survivability skill either and could handle the game just fine up to the OP levels.


Oh yay, health regen!

Only when you’re not shooting…and when the mag is full…okay, I’ll reload. What happened to my anarchy? Hmph. Discord. Hey. What happened to my anarchy?

It is inconsistent now. It works some times for some loadouts and then stops working.

It would be great if at least an announcement would be made making it clear what is happening.

Come on dude, really ? You are the main reason they are nerfing things left and right.You are telling me, that 4 people, all using specific legendaries that amplify grenade usage, and a good grenade being used, were able to ACTUALLY clear out end-game content ? And you call that “far too OP”?

Incredible, it’s almost like you have an entire skill tree filled with things to help you do that.
I am disgusted by the roundabout way they are trying to increase Mayhem 3 difficulty, by dumbing down anything that can clear it , instead of adding hard content, BUT WAIT, they announced Mayhem 4, so WHY are nerfs a thing ???

They are obsessed with nerfing things to stay relevant as a single-player game no less, afraid that the playerbase will all run to other games unless they swing changes every week for no real reason.

Worse still, the current playerbase are straight up degenerates, they pay for Borderlands 3(me included, which i regret A LOT right now, If i could get a refund right now I would take it in a heartbeat.) and they willingly accept getting their fun screwed.Maybe because of previous Borderlands title the nostalgia is clouding their brain and are trying way too hard to make Borderlands 3 a fun game, which its not atm.

We were all fooled, you payed to beta test their game, Steam users and Pirates will have a BLAST with BL3, wish I could say the same.


A good decent COM to go all the way down SoR and not do the 1hp build is the mind sweeper. The damage is was less but an extra point in redistribution is very good. You can get crits with grenades and the little grenade from the COM will heal you with a few points in Vampyr.

Also for Gaige I did what I’m doing now with Moze. I ignored DT and his only purpose was to give my a shield, because I grabbed every single shield skill. Even the ones people didn’t value as well then later would die.

In any other game a charactor with broken skills that dont work would be fixed in a day . Yet we keep getting hotfix for other things . As it is now slaughter shaft on any mayhem cannot be clearded using moze .

That just isn’t true. I cleared Slaughter Shaft on my Moze just the other day. It just takes more work now.

You must like dying constantly trying to clear it . Moze has no healing unless using a transformer shield . Her skills dont work using a gun or grenades. They are completely broken . Most moze players are just here on forums because they cant play mayhem mode . Moze has zero survivablity .

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Vampyr and Phalanx Doctrine still work. Stop being dramatic. If you want changes to skills and real balance, then start by not lying and over exaggerating.

Wow. Your assessment on other moze players is WAY off base. I only failed 4 times on the slaughter shaft, and I have a health regeneration relic paired with a recharger. Both are pretty good for negating damage, but I quite literally stomped everything with my flakker and one punch.

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I am 45 years old and been gaming my whole life . I know what i am talking about. Mod and vampr are both broken . That is her main skills for surviving . I used to play this game more than 10 hours a day untill all the nerfs and breaking skills .

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