Need to be fixed : Redistribution and Means of destruction

Yup you got me. The skills are broken and everyone else is lying. Everyone is in on it. We all got together and messaged each other to plan out this elaborate lie.

Or the skills are working and you just are using guns or grenades that don’t trigger the two skills. But what do I know? I only can play and actually beat the unbeatable content with a broken character.

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I am not a liar . I find you’re replies trolly . Most moze players have already left the game to play other games .i am on ps4.btw


That sort of sounds like you need to put the controller down and get some sun…just sayin…

Can we not discuss the game without attacking each other?

Grow up please.

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Same here.

I’ve used a whole host of different weapons and grenades emphasizing splash damage, with and without elemental DoT, and the MoD skill simply isn’t even close to proc’ing grenade regen and Vampyr like before the 10/24 patch.

And, I certainly don’t doubt players have found effective workarounds to proc’ing these skills to their satisfaction. I’ve tried a few, they haven’t worked so well for me as they have for others.

So until Moze is fixed, can we please discuss this subject by helping those struggling with their glass cannon Moze without resorting to attacking each other?

There have been 8 days of videos and discussions about ways to proc MoD and Vampyr. @shaggyshane41 said the two skills are completely broken and don’t work at all and Slaughter Shaft is unwinnable. Both of those are completely false statements.

If Moze, or and Vault Hunter for that matter, is having an issue with a skill, or skills, not working to the level of consistency deemed by the community, then the most effective way of solving the issues is through actual data and truth, not lies.

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Totally agree with you.

Sometimes redistribution work nicely with grenade, than after loading another map it just stop working.

Same goes for means of destruction.

For me its like randomly for 2 minutes or so nothing regenerates. Then suddenly MOD and Vampyr go crazy proccing again for quite some time, then randomly again 2 minutes I regen nothing. If I do a full SS I will hit this moment about twice usually. It’s hard to say anymore due to Iron Bear crashes and using a terror build so entering and exiting a lot and now I can’t even make it 5 rounds before I crash.

DT was an important component of my Gaige setup and I wish Iron Bear could be too. :frowning:

On the Mind Sweeper, I think it is a good COM but it is built around itself rather than around the skill trees so you kinda need to get to Vampyr to trully make use of it.

But I have seem some good options outside of the Legendary ones that maybe could be built around.

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