Need to buff the ammo loot in Slaughterstar 3000!

Hi guys.
Am I the only had with this annoying problem ? Even though I survived every round and reloaded myself with the ammo distributor. I can’t survive the fight against the 2 brutals in the very last round and wave, because I have absolutely no ammo !

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That’s very annoying indeed even with all ammo SDU. The only way I was able to get some ammo was to kill some of the continuously spawning Maliwan soldiers, they sometimes drop ammo although this puts you at danger being downed by their rocket barrage attack.

Also change your loadout mid battle to the 2 weapon types your not using, for extra ammo.

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just die… and join us… a sky walk over there… you can just get in to skywalk and help your friend. and ammo vending machine just behind you * O *


Yeah I know, that’s what I am doing… and still have this problem :confused: